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  • Hey all,

    I've got another question. I'm trying to implement a timer into my game that doesn't count down, but counts up from 0. The way I'm trying to get it to look is like this: 00:00 then every second that goes by will add 1 to the time until it gets to 60 seconds which will cause the timer to get to 01:00 to represent 1 minute. However, I've looked up a few tutorials on how I can attempt to get this to work, but all that ends up happening is the timer will still be counting normally yet the clock looks like this: 00:10, which means 1 second. 10 seconds looks like this: 00:100. If anyone knows a simple way of fixing this, that would be great.

    Currently I have two text boxes and two global variables with a static colon between them (three text boxes and two global variables in total). If there's a way I can do it without multiple text boxes I'll take it, but if it's easier with multiple variables and boxes then that works for me too.

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  • One text and one global variable:

    And the result:

    My format is min: sec: milliseconds, so you can delete the milliseconds part.

  • Actually, would you know how to prevent the game from decreasing it's frame rate after, like, 7 seconds? I was doing to reading on dt and I can't seem to make heads or tails of it. Any help would be great.

  • It depends on many reasons, maybe you created too many objects and not destroy them(they still outside of your viewport), use too many effects, ..etc.

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