Sheeky's Power-ups Sounds

75 power-up sound effects; bonus and notification sounds, fanfares, harp glissandi, stabs, clock ticks, etc.

75 power-up sound effects; bonus and notification sounds, fanfares, harp glissandi, stabs, clock ticks, etc.

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Sheeky's Power-ups Sounds

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    Released: 1 Feb, 2021

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75 high quality sound effects. The Power-ups pack contains extended bonus, and notification sound, fanfares, harp glissandi, stabs, clock ticks, lots of level on and level up sweeps and good quality game over type sounds. There is a large quantity of loops in this set too, useful for timers, energy bars, health drains or setting a scene.

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Sheeky's Power-ups Sounds:

WinOrch, WinSparkles, WinAlarm, WinHarp, WinTwinkle, WinHappy, WinSmile, WinKlaxon, WinClaps, WinChariots, WinSpiral, WinVault, LoseWobble, LoseTinkle, LoseClaps, LoseChariots, LoseSpiral, LoseSad, LoseThunder, LoseParticles, LoseFirebell, LoseSmileMaj, LoseSmileMin, LoseRapid, ClockScaleC, ClockScaleA, ClockTicksLt, ClockTicksHv, ClockWatch, ClockBeep, ClockTone, ClockTune, ClockBonkbell, ClockElectro, LevelFlange, LevelC64, LevelGraveyard, LevelBuzz, LevelPlonk, LevelThunder, LevelBells, LevelLogo, LoopBuggy, LoopHappy, LoopClimb, LoopFall, LoopTune, LoopHeart, LoopSHeart, LoopHip, LoopOrcMin, Loop7th, LoopTrio, LoopMagic, LoopSmiley, LoopVoices, LoopVocFast, LoopPanicOva, LoopSpellA, LoopSpellC, LoopSparkatak, LoopFactory, LoopHealbeam, EndStabs, EndSmash, EndCoron, EndDrums, EndWibble, EndAlarmBell, EndTwoTone, EndHorns, EndTaDa, EndBeethoven, DrumrollBigtop, DrumrollAudio.

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    1 Feb, 2021

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