Construct 2 for Linux?

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  • I had readed that C2 have already export for Linux I don't know is this is true or false but Im positive. Anyway My question here regards to the program itself. Linux port will be awesome and the main formats for it can be .deb and .rpm. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Also I think Mac port will be okay too...

  • You can already export Linux desktop apps using the node-webkit exporter.

    We get a lot of requests about porting C2 to other platforms. We're aware of demand, but as a small team (just 3 of us) it's not something we will be starting for the foreseeable future.

  • Ashley, I'm a very strong Linux developer [talent, not ideology :)] and I would be more than pleased to help you with this port.

    I can do it and I want it done. Please contact me!

  • +1 for a Linux client. :) Doesn't have to be right now but sometime in the future would be great. Don't want to use Windows anymore.

  • RacerBG,

    If you want to use .DEB and .RPM just look at 7zip:

    It is an easy way to do it without scripting.

    I am doing self extracting 7zip for windows and I am thinking about using 7zip for .deb packages too.

    I am not going to worry about RPM unless a lot of people ask for it. If someone is using Fedora Desktop or SUSE they probably already know how to install .DEB's, thanks to the popularity of Ubuntu and other debian spinoff's.

    I have a very strong feeling that SteamOS is either going to be a re-rolled Ubuntu, or Debian.

  • You can already export Linux desktop apps using the node-webkit exporter.

    Its doesn't work. I've installed ubuntu 13.04 on my pc, and I can't test/play my game... <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • OK, she didn't contact me.

    I guess Scirra just don't care.

  • Like a 110% sure "she" never will(genetically, and probably ideology).

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  • It's not really reasonable for us to say "OK, you can make it for us". There are various practical, technical and legal hurdles.

    BTW, I'm a guy :)

  • Sigh, I came here again to find a ray of hope.

    Guess I should just reinstall my laptop with windows.

    Using a VM is making things really slow for me.

  • This is the closest you can get to construct2 on linux

    if you would like to see it get closer in features, they have a donate page :D

  • I love Construct 2, but I've been looking at returning to Linux as my OS for a while now, it would be amazing if Construct 2 would be ported to support it, I know its not something that couldn't happen over night and with such a small dev team I don't see if being done anytime soon.

    I found that 'GameDevelop' through a friend who linked me to it, its pretty great actually, as with most open source things as of late. I will likely be using that over C2 once I do make the switch from Windows to Linux. I'm looking into another possibility too though, I suppose if I can get my hands on a cheap laptop (windows based) I can continue to use Construct 2 on that.

    In any case, it would be great to see this eventually

    I think my solution should work find for now, using a pre-owned laptop that I can hopefully find for cheap to just use for my HTML5 game developing needs after all, I still have my copy of windows 7 here XD - Sorry guys just kinda thinking out loud through my reply :S lol

    So, +1 to Linux support from me for whenever it may be possible!!



  • i try to install wine in ubuntu 13.10 i had some issues but now its ok and ill test c2 today in ubuntu.i hope that everything will work ok.

    about gamedevelop its like almost the same like c2. it has dynamic lights system and it starts something like kickstarter campaing for mobile exporters and desktop exporters. its less than 2000 euros away for get funded. A nice program

    Ashley if gamedevelop has the dynamic lights feature why not C2? Is that difficult? its a great "tool"

  • Running an exported C2 program in Linux:

    Run in a terminal the program you exported, look for the error message, install the required package (not all distros, even Ubuntu, come with the right libs) and the game will work. I do run tests in Linux but I can't think of the library you need off the top of my head.

  • +1 for a Linux client (via steam )

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