Construct 2 for Linux?

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  • +1 for Linux port

  • + 8 for Linux, were are experienced games devs (ex EA , Sony, Ubisoft etc) looking for a good teaching tool, and construct 2 looks good, but we (like a lot of the games devs I know) migrated away from windows a while ago, it just kept getting in the way. So ideally we would like to use Construct 2, but since we are really not keen on going back to windows, we are evaluating GDevelop as well.

  • I'll add my voice to the call for linux as well; it just about runs on wine, but crashes when you attempt to start a project. Under VBox, you're pretty much relegated to 2d graphics; 3d just isn't sufficiently performant to do a thing.

  • Well, since a major point of doing construct3 was supporting linux and osx.. it probably will be released for it

  • +1 linux port

  • to bring this back to attention:


    would love to see a port

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  • This is never going to happen for C2, but is part of the roadmap for Construct 3.

  • okay me too then, I want this ported!

  • Looking forward to Linux support.

    I'm finding that Linux Mint 17.3 runs very well. So well I'm going to start running my C2 projects in Linux and not Win7.

    At the moment it looks like I will still be using VirtualBox to run Construct 2 but I can test the game play at full speed on the Linux host machine.

    Anyone got Construct 2 working under Wine?

  • I just tested installing C2 r229 under Wine. It installed but I couldn't open any projects without it crashing.

    Running C2 on Virtualbox with XP and previewing over a bridged network connection with a browser on Linux Mint 17.3 works well.

  • I was about to buy a business license for Construct as I'm looking for a mobile web client solution for some basic input type games for projects. We are a linux shop, we want to give you money for commercial licenses. I can't do that yet until there is a Linux client.

  • +$429 for linux editor client

  • You can already export Linux desktop apps using the node-webkit exporter.

    We get a lot of requests about porting C2 to other platforms. We're aware of demand, but as a small team (just 3 of us) it's not something we will be starting for the foreseeable future.

    After reach 200 releases of Construct 2 the team announced the Construct 3 in 2015.

    When this will be launched? 2016? 2017? After the release 299?

    As I've saw in the website, Construct 3 will embrace the top platforms such as Linux and OS X (now renamed to MacOS).

  • Why don't port C2 to Linux/MacOS? Was written in a different engine?

    Construct 3 will use QT or NW.js?

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