How do I add Highscore to google play leaderboard

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  • hello

    i have implemented a local webstorage highscore system to my game, now i wonder how to get that hihgscore on a google play leaderboard, any help even paid would be appreciated

  • Have you seen the tutorial yet . check that first, that will solve your problem.

  • i saw ,but i want to use Google Play Services Leaderboards

  • I agree with you I don't want either, but as of right now I don't believe we can use the Google Play Services. They was supposed to be working on it, most likely will be on XDK but looks like CocoonJS is trying to make a come back. I'm hoping Google Play Services will be available soon cause I'm waiting on it also.

  • Same here! job is finished and now i must wait (maybe for months) in order to get implemented essential part like this... and to launch it.

    It's a shame.

  • Yup I'm facing the same issue. At the moment I'm waiting for the google play app to load completely to see if what I'm doing works... because my game has been ready for months and this is holding back several other projects. I even posted a challenge to see if a plugin developer made a hit on it but there's no takers so far.

  • asmina22 Would you mind sharing your webstorage highscore system? I can't get it seem to work

  • It is a shame that some much need features are being ignored, We sit and wait for months or years and other programs offer these features but they cost a arm and a leg. Reminds me of that 'ol saying "You get what you pay for", granted C2 is a amazing product and I love it. I got the early adopter licence years ago and C2 has came along way since then but still not far enough in my opinion.

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  • I Tweeted at Ludei last week and they told me that it was most likely coming last week. It has almost been a week on since that Tweet now, but hints that a newer version of CocoonJS exists and is ready. My game is being held back because of lack of Google Play Leaderboard as well.

    This is my Tweet and Ludei's response:

    Maybe I'll drop them an email. If everyone were to do the same, they might release the plugin sooner. Even just Tweeting at them might help.

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