Youtube competition?

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  • We're thinking about our next competition. What are peoples thoughts on a 'Create a Construct 2 video tutorial on Youtube'?

    Is this something people are interested in/would enter?

  • I would try to, problem is I am pretty 'shy', my main problems are that I wonder if my logic/events are good enough to show at the public and if my English is decent enough to be understood =)

  • That's a good point about language. We wouldn't want to stop people doing it in their native tongue but then we have no way to judge them, which means they probably would all have to be in English!

    Speaking wouldn't be necessary though, text subtitles would probably work quite well.

  • Sure, why not, good idea.

    I would enter if I had more experience with C2.

    Myself I'm also interested on what kind of tutorials people would create, maybe I could learn something useful from them.


    About the language matter, I think subtitles would do fine. Youtube has that handy subtitle thing right?

  • Yes, youtube subtitles works very nice. I think tutorials could be made in any language and be able to enter competion only if they have english subtitles - made on youtube or embded into the video itself.

  • Hmmm I'm divided about this idea. It sure is interesting to increase the tut volume and maybe the average quality of them. But the issue here is the judging criteria.

    The previous contests about making a game had a simple judging criteria : make a fun game within the limitation of the rules (mainly using C2, a theme, a required feature, etc)

    For a tutorial contest, the criteria would be : make an interesting tutorial?

    In my opinion, tutorials has two quality components :

    • extrinsic: easy to follow (good flow), easy to understand (quality of explanation).
    • intrinsic: the subject of the tutorial

    We can make tutorials about pretty much anything in C2. But all subject aren't equally interesting.

    Then maybe, if you were to launch a tutorial contest, there should be some categories like "c2 concepts" "making a type of game (platformer, rpg, shooter)" "math and programming concepts"

    But then you'd have to multiply prizes... etc

    Well just an opinion :D

  • Why do video, when you have a multimedia presentation tool like C2?

    First tut, how to do tuts.....

  • I personally think it's quite a good idea; opens the competition up to a different sort of person than the game designing ones.

    I'd probably enter seeing as I'm training to be a teacher next year and I should probably get some practice in! =)

  • Sounds like fun! I'd probably enter if I had a few stray hours ;)

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  • What about subtitules? in that case no talking in video.

  • oh nice idea ! I would surely participate

  • I disagree. I'd prefer a written tutorial with different themes in the tutorial section. Could be enriched with a Youtube video, though. I really dislike video tutorials, so I'm biased.

  • I like youtube tutorials, one problem for me is that people will often not go straight to the point, and over-explain things. But that's just me, a lot of people prefer more slow paced tutorials

  • Although I think the the idea is spot on, I would need a tutorial on HOW to create an online video. What recording software do I use? Do I need a Mic? A Video Camera?   <img src="smileys/smiley23.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    {Half Kidding... I could probably figure it out, but I just have never done that before...}

  • hmm i don't know if you have read my old topic about this contest but really thanks that you did it ^^

    of course ill not enter it , ill just let the pros do thier lessons , i wanna learn ^^

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