Youtube competition?

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  • Why do video, when you have a multimedia presentation tool like C2?

    First tut, how to do tuts.....

    It's mainly because we have a distinct lack of videos on YouTube. I think it's a great way to reach new people and be of interest to the community as well.

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  • I've been meaning to do something along those lines for ages.

    However, I think such a competition should wait a bit, we're in the middle of april - july would be a better fit due to the summer vacations.

    Also, we need some time to get ready, with the other competitions it was all about proficiency with construct, whereas a youtube competition involves knowledge on video capture, audio, editing, etc.

    In addition to all that, this competition should be longer, since it would be in scirra's best interests for videos to gain interest (views or likes) organically instead of via author publicity.

    I don't really know about this, while it would be great for C2's publicity, it would also get a lot of publicity for tutorial authors (and traffic to their sites), so it's a win win, but that could potentially be squandered if most authors were a one-off, just cranking out tutorials in order to win the compo.

    Are you certain this fits the competition format? I think an ongoing system of "this month's picks in tutorials!" with a small prize (c2 license + forum badge?) for the winner would work best, since videos would be released at a consistent pace, and it would allow poor people/children a shot at getting a free license while incurring minimal costs for scirra (once a month you review a couple of videos and give out one license, shouldn't take more than a day)- I've seen this model working elsewhere (don't remember where exactly).

  • I like Fimbul's idea of featuring tutorials each month and maybe rewarding them.

    It would get more views/vots to deserving tutorials as the current display of tuts is a bit stuck (it kind of bothers me to have a tutorial about system expressions when the manual entry has been completed since the writting of it and that the entry is more complete than the tutorial for example).

    Possibly, the tutorial part could be "redesigned" and some of the design of the arcade applied to it.

    Maybe categories too, that would maybe make it more readable and accessible, seeing the number of tutorials have increased.

    Having a category "Beginner" (for example) that will contain several tutorials "despite" their alphabetical order or something liek that might make more sense.

    And to comeback on the competition subject, I'm not sure video tutorials are the best medium.

    Sure it help showing some things in a more straight ways (you click there), but it also represents quite a load of work.

    From writing the tutorial, capturing it, editing it, uploading it.

    And there's nothing more repulsive than a badly captured tutorial, or the kind of tutorial when the "tutorialist" is looking for what he needs to do next. (I mean when it's all the time and that you feel that the guy just launched the capture tool and goes on improvisation and is not really sure about what he's doing himself)

    And as mentioned in this post, it's always nicer to have a written down tut that you can follow at your own pace.

    So as mentionned, video to back up a tut is nice but having ONLY a video tutorial is maybe not the best.

    On the other hand, to provide youtube videos more, what can be asked is to make a promotional montage of games made with C2. Uploading to youtube with a specific set of tags (defined in the competition rules and picked wisely by you guys based on SEO) to

    A/ show what construct 2 can do

    B/ help bring traffic to the arcade/authors

    Some people still come to construct classic "because" of the montage MaryJane (I think) did some years ago.

    Such videos require mostly editing skills, but can bring some attention to C2 and the community.

  • as i see there is youtube scirra offical page right? why don't you put a playlist for the contest ^^

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