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  • We've got:

    • 1 flying monkey + 1 set of stickers
    • 3 sets of stickers (each set has 2 of each sticker in it)

    to give away!

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    (We're happy to send worldwide!)

    For your chance to win, tell us in a few short sentences what your dream computer game would be in this thread. The best answers will win! Winners will be picked on Monday!

    Please only use this thread for posting your entry. 1 entry per user.

  • The Game of my dreams would be a dark humor management game.

    It is about running a graveyard, you have to take care of the graves and the income during the day and take care of the dead (that they stay dead) during the night.

    To get more "Clients", you can hire the local hitters to get you more people. To earn more money, you can build Hot Dog Stands, a restaurant, sell flowers or create a amusement park on top of the graveyard... the only barrier is your own imagination.

    (Who would not like to visit a haunted house at your local graveyard?)

  • a multiplayer computer game will be more fun, I hope <img src="smileys/smiley27.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • My dream computer game will be a free to play MMORPG with 3d chibi characters, similiar to Dragon Nest. You can build houses, glide through the sky, build boats and purchase sky islands that you can fly. You can rob people's houses but you appear on the bounty list where people can attack you and take all your money. You can play a certain class out of the available ones and you have a grappling hook.

    A bit extreme but been dreaming about this for years, Archeage has came the closest.

  • Racing on the open area at the time after the end of the world.

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  • It would be a virtual reality game (imagine matrix) where it feels like you are in the game. When I play games, I like to feel disconnected from the stress of the real world.

  • An online MMORPG game..You will be the character!(who is holding the device,it can be PC/phone etc.).You can buy things you want if you have the money and do things you want if it is Legal, if not you could go to prison..Like in Real Life..!

  • A game that will finally make me cry or maybe even think of the consequences before you pull a trigger.

  • My dream game using construct 2 would be an action adventure RPG/Platformer... the best example of the type of game I would like to create is something like Wanderers from Y's or the side scrolling sections of Act Raiser.

    Something that uses platform style mechanics but with RPG features like weapons and equipment swapping, as well as level progression with skill trees. I truly miss the feeling of exploration and discovery that some of the older Platform style RPGs used to invoke and plan to bring that back.

    Not only a large number of levels, but each level is a location on a larger world map. These are all things I have on the drawing board. Also with implemented touch, gamepad and keyboard support. I want to bring the adventure and wonder back to gamers.

  • A dream game idea I had would have a PvP type game, any setting (medieval fantasy or space or western or modern/sci-fi battlefield) where you simply take control of one of three or four soldier types(or knight, cowboy, whatever, doesn't really matter, but fitting the setting) and each soldier type would play a role on a battlefield, with a rock paper scissors-like mechanic. One would have clear advantages and disadvantages against certain unit types. 2 teams would compete in capture the flag / last team standing / last man standing, etc, and there would be a very strong focus on PvP. I wouldn't want to boggle down the player with too many options upon entering the game, more like join a server, choose a unit with predefined weapons, and choose one side of two teams. I would really love to see this dream as a real 2d pixel game someday...

  • "The Inspector"

    You work as a health inspector that hits up local dive restaurants and bars around town and checks up on safety code violations. Expired food, old equipment, broken pipes, etc. It would be a top down 16-bit style game. You get a time limit to check up on each place and make their life a living hell. + points for rats, roaches, and bums living in the back. High scores would get posted online on Facebook. Someone make it happen.

  • I just love games that are creative and stand out, anything that does that well is a game for me.

    I mostly want to see more games with dynamic content. I just love procedural generated levels and other goodies that add replayability.

  • My dream game is an RTS. Imagine Age of Empires, but each character is a person with their own personality and wants. They get hungry, happy, sad, have a family, then go off to war or on diplomatic missions. You can build cities on top of the land, or underground, and where you decide to live changes your characters. Underground they mine tunnels and get physically stronger, and better night vision, etc. On top of land they get better farm land, and perform better in the day.

    It also has RPG elements where you can design armour, shields, swords, etc, and your characters can get really good at both combat and other professions (blacksmith, baker, candlestick maker). Combat would be more realistic in the sense that they can block attacks, rather than whittle down a health bar. The more training, the better the fighter. I imagine the possibility of a single fighter with loads of training and experience going up against an army and winning.

    When you kill an enemy, you can loot their body, take their weapons and armour, and then depending on your skill you can backwards engineer the design and make it your own.

    Of course, you don't have to do an all out war. You can sneak into an enemy location, blend in with the crowd, and have your assassin take down people with stealth.

    *sigh...* One day... one day...

  • This may not be the most interesting of game ideas but I've always thought that it would be pretty sweet to have a game that allowed you to drive a car around your local area. It would be similar to that of Google Maps Street View but smoother and more interesting to cruise about in. It would save you so much fuel in the end as well as saving the environment ;P

  • i would love to make a game that is set on planet earth many years in the future. the earth has been split in two by a collision. life continues but its hard going. the collision created an extra moon that cause's the oceans to rise and fall. the sky is a constant rainbow. you would be able to travel on this waterfall(but reversed) and visit the the new moon.

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