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  • A game that makes one escape reality while playing!!!

  • My dream game would be a retro-style multiplayer survival platformer, where you are in a big world where you can't trust anoyone. There is loads of different weapons, powerups and items that can make you survive in a long time. A little bit like DayZ or Survival Games, but more advanced and more like "use-your-brain"-game.

  • My dream computer game would be constructed to give me joy even when I am not playing it!

  • My dream computer game would be a game where you are in a massive huge maze where you would have to find the solutions for the puzzles in order to find the exit.

    That's actually a game I want to produce when I find the time :)

  • My Dream game would be a horror game that would change depending on your personality and in-game decisions with real life impact ...

    Kinda like , if you get stomach slashed in-game , it actually would cut your stomach ...

    But , unfortunately , it will always a dream game <3

  • Game of my dreams would include inappropriate humour, obscene setting and characters that would be taking things way too far. This is the game I want to make!

    Also Hi, I'm new around here :)

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  • mi juego de ensue�o seria algo como contruct2 (Y) saludos desde Guatemala

  • My dream dream game would take place somewhere along a scf-fi, futuristic style, mixed in with some more steam-punk mechanics. My dream game, the game I hope to build someday, would have a complex, flexible, entertaining and ever-changing storyline with a universal meaning pertaining to the theme and style of the universe I have built. The player would have hundreds, maybe even thousands of different choices in this game, making each and every story unique for EVERY player.In this game people will be able to make their dreams come true, they will be able make another story, their Ura Legend (meaning another legend). This game would be like a whole other world, a dimension just across from ours where people can be themselves or make new legends for themselves in an enormous, superfluous world, filled to the brim with staggering terrain, immense cities of advanced technology, seemingly infinite activities, and even an extremely massive multiplayer element.People will be able to talk to each other, actually "hang-out" together, fight together, explore together, compete together, the possibilities are endless. This Legend of a game will provide many people with an entertaining, immersive experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. This game will spark a new age in gaming. The name of this game will be: URA-AGE

  • I had a hard time choosing one of my dream games, as you can only submit one idea. I decided to go with the one that is feasible by today's game development standard.

    This dream game is a grand Civilization like, tun-based strategy but without the earth's history in the background.

    I see it taking place far in the future, where humanity was almost wiped-out. Instead of civilizations (like Inca or Spanish) you would choose your tribe from a set of backgrounds (humans who survived all those years in vaults, tribal humans, new-humans or even an AI) and add a set of traits (like defenders, gatherers etc.) You would start with certain technologies, but You would not have to progress trough tech-trees in a lineral fashion - instead, you people can adapt many approaches (technology-like or magic-based) to achieving the same goal. The tech-tree would change while you play, so You can mix and match your approach, making your people fantasy, realistic or something in between (like steampunk for example).

    A lot of game mechanics would be handled by "traits": tactics for units, beliefs of your people, even their physical traits. So each unit and building would have it's own set of traits represented by a small icon. This is to encourage a moding couminity to come up with new traits and technologies to expand the game even more. With traits like that, you can easily develop rock/paper/scissors approach to different aspects to the game.

    Other civilizations would react to you based on how similar they are to yours (in "race", traits, technology etc).

    You could create your own buildings and units from "ready parts" of technologies you discovered, making every civilization unique in a way.

    On top of that, a lot of the game would be procedurally generated, from maps you play on, trough random events and even some random resources (are those animals safe to keep, maybe they make a great mounts?).

    It would be a true-sandbox grand strategy, that focuses on player's immersion.

    I could write a lot more about it, but I feel like this post is long enough.

    Maybe, one day, when the stars are right, I will be able to bring this game idea to life.

  • My dream game would be something Ashley and Tom come together and make with Construct! Mwahaha.

  • Greetings!

    The game of my dreams: an open-world / sandbox RPG where I am given the choice of genre, technology, setting, character, and so forth. Do I feel like playing in a medieval setting with science fiction weapons or would I prefer an interstellar adventure with flying pirate ships and bronze age weapons?

    True freedom to choose how I want to play. Let me adventure, fight monsters, collect treasures, and explore a vast array of possibilities. When I'm done, let me carry my world and time-hopping hero to different times and places.

  • My Dream game would be a game that I have made with Construct2 and is available in several App stores..

    With fun gameplay, and lots of humor :)



  • Simply - the real 1:1 world based on Google maps, where you have no limitations.

    You choose what to do. It would be totally open game so you could do what ever you please: shoot people, build countries, fly space ships, cruise the oceans, travel, create creatures, explore the space, whatever you please.

    Practically - all the games of the world in one! :D

  • My dream game is multi-player endless world (procedural generated), where you could play at many levels of detail and aspects. With space/sci-fi or medieval setting.

    Roles could include empiror, pirate king (economy strategy), battle commander (RTS), rogue mercenary, lone wizard (RPG), ordinary solder (FPS), builder, shopkeeper or even baker/farmer...

  • My dream game would be a huge open world race game where you can play online matches against players all over the world, create your own race tracks and unlock the fastest cars!

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