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  • Actually I have a game I've been mulling over in my head for several years, even have a name for it.

    The Devil Made Me Do It

    Its pretty standard really. Set on an island/port in a medieval period.

    Boy/idiot saves girl/princess from evil warlord/vampire.

    Since the protagonist is a dufas he needs a bit of help from a shadowy figure to eventually become an all out badass.

    Throw in some ulterior motives, and a bit of semi turn based actions for a dungeon crawler that starts out in the jungle, runs to peak of a snowy mountain, and down to a lava filled finale.

  • My dream game would be an adventure, storytelling platformer game.

    The main character would be a nameless girl who goes on a journey to find happiness. She would travel through various places (forests, villages, etc..) and meet different characters (who all have their version of what is true happiness).

    It would use hand drawn graphics enchanced with some computer graphics, and would have a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

    The target platform is Win/Mac/Linux with keyboard / gamepad controls.

  • My dream computer game would be a game that starts about nothing, the world and plot has all vanished and it is your goal to get the game pixelated together/"almost like a bunch of glitched games all morphed and wigged out together. Random floating scenes and multiple art style npcs to talk to . The user then is able to slowly piece back together the world and decide what kind of game He wants to play.

    I'm sure this is confusing but like most ideas derived from a dream not much is known until the dream has came into focus or achieved.

    Thanks for reading. Best of luck to all, on wining these awesome stickers. And flying MONKEY!!!

  • My ideal game would be an "FPS" but instead of guns and other weaponry you use spells/magic. The game would let players choose a set of spells and fight with those in a modern setting. For example a map could be an office building and instead of light machine guns spraying at the guys with shotguns, it would be s guy throwing fireballs while his opponent is lobbing spears of ice with a team coming from the side to flank with an arc of lightning.

    A huge focus would be put on making each spell set have its own identity while still granting the utility that others have so that the game is balanced but allows players to play in a style that suits them. So while each spell may have a way to set a damaging trap, Ice will impale them with spikes, Fire would ignite the area, and Lightning would chain between close players.

    While this could easily just be another "FPS" style clone, I feel that the mix of scenery and weaponry could make the game stand out.

  • On online multiplayer universe where each player builds a world that interacts with other players built worlds. Could be just a house with a lemonade stand out front recharging stats for a coin. Or a space station ferrying players around the planet. Whatever the needs for your area, built with earnings.

  • I'd like to have something like a "Massive on line dungeon crawler game/sandbox" in 2D, like the earlier Zelda or Pokemon in terms of perspective and graphics where you are able to accept quests and try to solve dungeons puzzles create by other players. On the sandbox/forge mode you can create your quests and levels to challenge other players as well as giving them prizes upon completion. This kind of concept would give the game infinite challenges and would keep the players entertained beating other's quest as well as creating their own.

    Now, my monkey! Give give give give :)

  • My dream computer game is one I hope Scirra(Construct 2) can help me achieve one day. It will, on the surface, be a community-oriented website/app. This means that the users have the tools to contribute content from assets like art and music to tutorials, servers and even completed games. From there small systems for other games, events and tournaments continue to grow the community.

    Then with a key combination any user can seamlessly drop into a persistent Online RPG World. This RPG World co-existing with the website/app. This means that you're never switching programs. Never becoming someone or something different. And you're always part of the community.

    Construct 2. <3

    (That may be too long and a lot is missing. However, if any one of you C2 brains are feeling curious and willing to assist, I could possibly elaborate if you want to offer your assistance one day. The second part(RPG) is ultimately delayed until news of "Online Game" functions breach the lips of an Admin's mouth.)

  • My dream game would be would be A character who has a stuttering problem. It would be called stutter box. I was called that during the early times in my life and i want to somehow turn that into a playable gaming experiences.

       I want the player to know what it feels like when you can't get air out and say what you want to say. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • My dream game would have characters that contains a complicated DNA mappings and that DNA would be constantly changing due to the different gene pools and environmental changes. A bit of luck and natural selection.

    You wouldn't know where the game is heading towards because of the unpredictable ways the "World" is evolving. The characters would be able to pass knowledge to each other with a language that has evolved. They could communicate things like where to find food and where they got hurt.

    Now imagine you as a player who traveled to this distant planet and you are able to fast forward time and see these amazing things happen. These characters could be hostile or friendly based on events in their lives. You could follow and see what is it that they are doing on a daily basis to get food? You could then approach them with a gift to win their trust. It could be that there's no signs of life on the planet until you see footprint on the sand or that the life has failed and the planet is just dead.

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  • An mmorpg on pc/mac where the skill system was always completely accessible, except that skills had enormous learning curve. For example, learning to jump would be easy, and would only require hitting a given key to perform the action. But learning to fly would initially be practically impossible, in that it would require outstanding keystroke consistency and complexity; however, the more one flies, the easier the task becomes, quite literally, via means of gradually less difficult commands. This would work the same way for every skill in the game, where players would literally have to become more and more skilled themselves with a keyboard to advance in the game. Changes would take place gradually, and be dynamically interconnected (i.e. skills requiring comparable actions could compliment one another); there would be no levels so-to-speak, though progression could be documented by degrees of mastery in each skill.

    Remember, each skill would become easier, but start out very challenging to perform, and would have to be learned in-game (i.e. no instruction manual), via NPCs and other means. The control system would be very intricate, allowing for combat to be extremely dynamic.

    Outside of all this, the world should be of a futuristic fantasy sort, though not necessarily to an extremely. Engineering should also have an extensive system construction.

  • Acissathar That could be a good one

  • My dream game would place the player as an unassuming average individual who finds him/herself as one of the "random" people who stumbled into the world of CS Lewis' Narnia. No one every finds themselves in Narnia the same way, so it would be in the game.

    Much of Narnia's history is unknown and spans thousands of years between books. It would be unique (as best as a game can employ) for each player - no one would play the same story, although they may participate in related events.

    Each player would have to put aside their own ideas of how to solve problems and trust and obey the instructions of Alsan - even when the events in the game would suggest following those instructions would lead to the end of the game.

    Of course, there would be epic battles; a vast array of weapons and items to collect and make; and opportunities to explore the vast regions of the larger Narnia (Archenland, the Lone Isles, etc) by foot, horse (remember Bree?), and maybe even a boat as fair as the Dawn Treader.

  • my dream game is a survival horror RPG game where you could either stay and build up your stronghold or choose to roam from place to place trying to survive and searching for other survivors. Each would have their benefits and at any time you could choose to start making a new stronghold or leave your stronghold to roam.

    The player would have to manage different things other than just staying alive, hunger, boredom, loneliness, they could get sick and die type of thing. The more the player would do one thing the better they would get at it, say constructing barricades or scavenging for supplies.

    The game would have night and day cycles, there would be randomly spawned items and you could "craft" new items or make things that would have greater benefits.

    And zombies of course.

  • my dream game would be a multiplayer co-op horror metroidvania rpg puzzle with ghosts

    the player have to deal with a broad types of apparitions, and have to find the source power of curses and phantasms using strange devices with spiritual energy while investigate bizarre phenomenons.

  • a massively multiplayer online zelda-esque 2D top down Action RPG with all of the modern RPG elements like crafting, detailed skill tree's, auction houses etc.

    There would be towns that would get invaded by monsters and you'd have to drive them off and hold them as a community or they would get over run (even permanently)

    Some quests would be created any time by fellow players and can be picked up by any other player like a bounty board.

    Dynamic world events that everyone can take part in.


    and amazing sprite graphics like any of the old classics

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