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  • cvp

    What Window Size do you have in Construct 2 ?

    1280x720 means Landscape in Tizen IDE

    720x1280 means Portrait in Tizen IDE

  • tgeorgemihai

    I have landscape (x2)

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2560922/mobiledev/forum/tizen%20validation/windowSize.PNG" border="0" />

  • cvp Try C2 -> project settings -> scale inner to cut off from the sides and in every layout set "Unbounded scrolling" to YES to make it center and not remain left aligned :)

    If you use scale outer, make your layout bigger (background color to cover more)

    [EDIT] sorry, not your layout bigger, but the background to cover more than the layout. Tizen display has aspect ratio of 16:10 and your layout is 16:9

  • Hi!

    Tizen does Not accept the application, for the following reasons:

    Application package has failed the integrity test.

    The integrity of the application package must be verified.

    To prove the integrity of resources when building the Application package, the hash values of the resource are saved and the values are compared with the extracted hash values from the original resource to verify the integrity of the resource at the time of building.

    See the attached file for details of the integrity test.

    Tell me what to do. Maybe someone knows. Thank you!

  • Got rejected 2 times on this now... can anyone help me?


    The resolution of the application does not match the resolution of the device.


    1. Run the application.

    2. Start the game and play. > end all. > Restart

    3. Check that the graphic elements of the application are displayed properly according to the resolution of device.

    [Expected Result]

    The resolution of application must match that of the device.

    The screenshot they attached looked like this:

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2560922/mobiledev/forum/TizenrejectionScreen.png" border="0" />

    What can I do to fix that?

    take my tut it might help link is bellow

  • Hi!

    Tizen does Not accept the application, for the following reasons:

    Application package has failed the integrity test.

    The integrity of the application package must be verified.


    Tell me what to do. Maybe someone knows. Thank you!

    It means most likely you changed something in the files after the wgt was built.

    Once you build the game, everything has to remain the same: if you cancel, modify or substitute a file in the wgt, the "integrity test" will find out during validation and throw an error.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks helped me your message I corrected config.xml and removed the unnecessary files from the folder. And Tizen took the game.

  • Just wanted to say a big thanks to the people who helped get 2 of our apps Validated for the Compo. Holding thumbs lol

    Thanks for always helping people out, and providing them with the info needed to get their games submitted.

    If anyone would like to see a gallery of our game 'Hiro Ninja' here is a link facebook.com/pages/Hiro-Ninja/423116377809898

  • I ended up using all three of the Tizen related tutorials but got my app certified and accepted on the first try. Fingers are crossed that we do well in the competition! On a side note in my config.xml I used the all screen sizes feature that is in the C2 default config.xml for tizen, and the rest of the info in there was combined with the config file that the Tizen IDE creates. I basically used both of them to create a config that included all necessary tags from both and it worked like a charm...

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  • Please help me. I search a team member who live in eligible country. I've already sent the game. Contact PM. :)

  • hi, trying to enter the tizen challenge. How do you get the "Content ID"? Where exactly is it? I didn't see anything like in Profile.


  • did anybody get validation passage during Sat or Sun (today)? Seems like nothing is happening during the weekend and so the deadline will pass for many without response or just stuck in validation?? any thoughts?

  • I've never seen any activity from them on the weekends, this one included.

    The content ID you can get as soon as you start working on the process, the number is visible in the URL from the start. It's the number that starts with 7 zeros.

    You can also see it listed in the "For Sale" list click on the title, or if it's not ready yet, in the "Validation" window, click on it's title.

    You can apply without the app being ready, so that if they approve it it will be instantly in the contest, but it won't count if they don't approve it in time.

    I have one sitting there that was rejected for an external link in it that the back button didn't always return to the game, and they told me Friday. So I fixed it and applied anyway, but I bet the contest is over before they come back to work.

    Don't know why they would end the contest on a Sunday at 11:59pm (US pacific time) when they don't work Sundays. (even got a 24 hours left email notice,)

  • Paradox

    One of my apps was just validated and placed for sale today, but I entered it in the contest using it's content ID on the 7th of December before it was validated.

    Does that mean it's not in the contest?

  • retrodude

    That's what it said. I was looking for that specificly, to see if I could submit the application early.

    I believe it in was the FAQ, which seems to have disappeared.


    it said applications could be submitted before the app was validated, but if the date of the validation was not before the deadline, it wouldn't count.

    Apparently they did some validating just before the deadline, as mine was rejected with an hour to go. Clay.io's hi score didn't open up. Anybody else get Clay.io's plugin features to work with them? (edit: worked great in the emulator)

    I had one accepted that had the plugin, but it didn't use any features.

    Heh, I removed Clay.io and resubmitted, and it was accepted about the time I originally posted. NOW they pick up speed.

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