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  • Well, I just got a notice that mine need to be in landscape. I already locked it to landscape because they already told me they didn't like the title screen not filling the screen. (rest of the layouts fit all sizes)

    So I guess "Lock to Landscape" doesn't work in Tizen?

    They didn't say anything about the Back button, although I did just resubmit.


    The back button is in the "Browser" Object, with Events for "Back" and "Menu" buttons, and Actions for Closing.

  • Any News whats happening with the Tizen Compo extension? Has it been extended to December 8th? or is that just a maybe, not sure yet?

    Getting NO sleep here, working like a machine to try meet the deadline.

  • I have an email fro AppBackr only regarding competition extension. We emailed Tizen but they have not responded yet.

  • thehen

    "I'd used the back button to navigate menus and pause the game, but not to exit the game. So when on the first screen and the user pressed back, nothing happened."

    strange... I used 'back button' only to go back to menu layout, using latest stable C2 and my apps were accepted

  • szymek I just passed validation with that last change. In the nick of time by the looks of it.

  • thehen

    touching "back" on Web Simulator shows me some message, so I guess that it's triggering this "default" exit; anyway in the future I will use close like you said

  • Turns out they are right. In the Web Sim my game is sideways on screen.

    Anyone have any experience like this, that can offer a clue how this is happening?

    (it appears to be locked to portrait, despite being locked landscape in game properties, and in events at the start of each layout.)

  • Hey Paradox,

    Check out this thread here. 's post (4th down), mentions a change to the index file, which will allow you to view your app in landscape on the web simulator!


  • Apparently Ashley already added that line to the index, It was already there when I went to add it. Thanks for the pointer, though.

    I tried turning off scaling, different aspect ratios of the window size, everything I suspected might have a hand in it, but nothing makes any difference.

    edit: Actually it wasn't exact, it had width=device-width where the one there didn't. Still adding the line had no effect.

    edit: I am gettinga validation error: tizen:content node expected, but not found

    mean anything to anyone?

  • Paradox make sure you've got the following in config.xml:

    <content src="index.html"/>

    Also try on the emulator. I had the problem of the web simulator orientation being incorrect, though that shouldn't be true on the emulator or hardware.

  • I hope that second time is the charm <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />



    Added support for Back key:

    - pressed in Main Menu closes the application

    - pressed during gameplay activates the Pause Menu

    - pressed in Help Menu redirects the user to Main Menu

    - pressed in Congratulations Menu redirects the user to Main Menu


    But I found a strange behavior of the Back key in the Tizen Emulator ... I've had the following code:

    <img src="http://s10.postimg.org/7pldsyfwp/tizen_back_error.jpg" border="0" />

    The Back events were executed at the same time regardless the conditions from the sub-events.

    Also another strange behavior here:

    <img src="http://s7.postimg.org/lc8hbseaj/tizen_error_2.jpg" border="0" />

    At he first press of the Back button the Pause Menu was enabled as expected, but at the second press of the Back button the application closes (or crashes, not sure). Note that at the second press of the Back button there should not be executed any event.

    Is this a bug/glitch ? Or I did something wrong in my code ?

    I've tested using the Tizen Emulator...

  • It is official, the contest end date has extended to December 8th! You can check out on the Tizen Challenge homepage: developer.tizen.org/contests/tizen-app-challenge

    Now we can rest for a moment and continue to work on our apps.

  • tapptil brilliant news, thanks for the heads up. Now we have time to iron out some bugs and I may even work on another side project to submit :)

  • tapptil Great news.Thanks!!!

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  • Awesome, this is great news...

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