the state of ouya and construct 2?

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  • Hello all,

    I just got my Ouya today and am wondering what my best options are at this point, i did some pokin around, but haven't found any evidence of anyone getting controllers to work and such, please let me know what i can to help!



  • ok well here we are. There are some other threads around, but they have been quite as there wasn't much more news streaming in.

    Here is what we have

    CocoonJS will be supporting Ouya. This is the currently ideal course, but Ludie isn't exactly speedy with it's updates. Infact WebGL was said to be out soon; which was a few weeks ago :(.. but it is coming if you don't mind waiting.

    Psema4 who you can find on the developer Ouya forums. Has managed to get a wrapper actively working with the Ouya. This includes the controllers. It does work right now as I understand it. it's not a fast wrapper, in fact its' probably just the default speed for performance, but if you don't do anything fancy. it's probably enough to run most non intensive graphical games. He is working to get the entire Chrome Kit running. So that can lead to a lot of possibilities.

    Jenpop who is active here under another name. Also worked on a wrapper, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a public running version.

    Pender Android

    This is all ready to go short of the controller and Ouya IAP. However, as Pender Android is written in Java it shuold be simple to get the controller going. In fact i was thinking of just mixing Psema4 java code into Pender.

    Game Closure

    Same state as Pender, almost ready to go, but you will have to build the bridge between the language. However, there is more overhead as GC uses C++ and a middle language of Game Closure known as Barista.

    Right now I'm working on an Oyua game. I am going to take more depth once it's ready to be ported. I'll update or put up a tutorial on how to get a game on to the ouya when I'm done. If some one else hasn't by then.

    Also I got my Ouya today. Bomb Squad is awesome :)

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  • awesome info!

  • Thanks for the excellent and quick reply! Ive noticed I can run games thru there browser the ouya controller simulates keyboard controls tho with a clicky sound, looking forward to the future!

  • ZakChaos

    On your OUYA can you tell if there are any developer costs??? Also does there seem to be a big spam or naff/test games which people are posting (sort of like the android market once you pass app #200)???


  • There are no developer costs for the Ouya out side of having the hardware. However, if you are planning any IAP. THen you need to fill out a license agreement with Ouya team that is sent to the US tax agency, which requires a notary public to sign.

    I'm not sure your second question.

  • jayderyu

    My second question being (paraphrasing):

    Are people uploading games which aren't finished, or even proper games.

    Can anyone (who signs up) add any game no matter the quality?

  • Any quality yes. But there are requirements that the game work well with the Ouya. I suggest checking the developer requirements.

    Yes there are also games not finished. They are releasing as an early beta demo. Sorta good and bad unfortuanatally :(

  • jayderyu

    I suppose it is good for concepts to have exposure to the real world; however, with that 'open-ness' comes the spam/wave of people 'making games'... not sounding big-headed or anything.

    You get what I mean <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Well it did get an initial rush of just quick ports, but it seems to have steadied off. Ouya uses a sandbox method were all games first go. Depending on downloads, purchases and rating the game will move out of the sound box and into a easier more pronounced categorie.

    But any system with open-ness will get low quality games. Just check Windows OS :D low quality games everywhere. I should know. I made one :D

  • jayderyu good to know thanks.

    I may look into the OUYA.

    Also, be sure to make a thread about any construct games that go onto the Ouya 'marketplace'!! It's nice to see when the games from here go public :)

  • Yeah, I've been on the Ouya a little, there isn't too much as of right now, at least on my list it doesn't show that many titles and some are not quite finished, I guess it's ok as the console hasn't officially launched yet anyway, I would like to port my game once complete over to it for sure, so that tutorial would be great... Once created of course.

    I can say one thing for sure though, I am most definitely modding that freaking Ouya controller lol

    It's a pretty neat little console though, specially for the price, there are a few decent title on it too so far, that bomb squad is pretty fun but I got a little bored after a while...

  • Sulli

    I'm not one for thread maintenance :D but there are others with interest, but who knows.

    Well I'm not sure when my game will bed done :P I hope to finish it soon. Bomb Squad is way better with 2+ players. well more the better :D. As a 1 player game. No so interesting.

  • jayderyu Patriick

    Does the ouya do MP? Or just SP??

  • Sulli

    I assume you mean

    ONLINE Multiplayer

    Offline Single player

    Multiplayer means well multi people. There are a good hadful of local Multiplayer games. These are offline. Bombsquad is fantastic. But it's strength is only in being with multiplayers.

    As for singleplayer. well any video game can be single player.

    These are odd questions as making MP/SP games isn't based on hardware, but the developer's ability. It's more appropriate to ask "can you develope a mp/sp game." as it's not really a hardware thing.

    However, Android does support full communications models. So there is even a few online games.

    On a final note. I'm not impressed with the port games so far. You can really feel the quick copy/paste work and sometimes without enough work.

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