the state of ouya and construct 2?

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  • jayderyu

    I'm sorry; Is it possible to develop a Construct 2 and non construct (two parts to the question) games for the Ouya console for ONLINE multiplayer?

    Summarise if that wasn't clear:

    -Can you create online MP games for ouya in construct

    -Can you create online MP games for ouya outside of construct

    -Are these hypothetical online MP games actually playable and what is there maximum potential?

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  • ummm. that's a good question. Right now the problem is the wrapper for C2. Whatever Wrapper is used needs too support WebSockets.

    As of right now I believe only CocoonJS and GameClosure supports WebSockets. However, neither of these wrappers are fully ready. GameClosure needs hand created Ouya plugin, and CocoonJS we just need to wait until they release there Ouya update.

    But I would say yes, when it's ready. As for the Ouya Browser. I'm not sure.

  • Hey, I got Ouya today and was wondering same question, didn't want to open new thread after I saw this.

    This what I did, I exported and compiled my game on CocoonJS as Android APP. Then I uploaded Debug Unsigned apk to dropbox, logged in to dropbox via browser ON OUYA (make-Software-Browser)

    and Downloaded APK file,

    now this was confusing, in Manage-System-Advanced-Storage-Downloads you can see your apk, hit O button and this will install game, which can be played from Make-Software

    my game was based on touchpad, and it works well on Ipad3 and Ipad 1 and Amazon Kindle Fire, but on ouya perfomace and FPS was crappy.

    Then again I have not done anything else, just cocoonJS Android Build.

    If there is any porting tutorial for ouya Please share, if not I will try to report what I learn about this.



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  • hellwalker

    I don't know why CocoonJS would run that poorly. Might be a optimized landwidth problem, but as I understand CJS uses it's own render and not Webkit> So I can't say for sure :|

    You can try Psema4 work here

    I'm not sure how to use it yet.

  • awesome jade thanks for that link!

    I'm going to attempt to cloud compile it with cocoonjs and test on ouya, ill let you kno my results!

    (20 Minutes later...)

    Not yet, i took the example js you linked jade, and zipped it up and ran it thru ludei's cloud compiler, but just got black screen on ouya, which is strange because it ran fine in browser, on my pc.

    also of note: I've successfully run an .apk that was compiled in ludei's cocoonjs cloud compiler, using resolutions of 1280x720 it looked great.

    I should test sound as well soon.

    perhaps I can adapt a simple example and use that combined with psema's work to figure out how to wrap construct 2 games with working ouya controls, that would be sweet.

    I'll keep you all posted in this thread.

    Thanks for all your awesome help!


  • Psema4 work is a wrapper. It's not compatible with CJS. You could use his web sample, but his work in Java Android program.

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