Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • Hi BluePhaze,

    This is Mike at BrashMonkey..

    I'm glad Spriter is already prooving itself useful to you and look forward to the many features yet to come drastically increasing the advantages Spriter will offer. Thanks very much for the kind words and support.

    Here is a link to high-res versions of Spriter's logo for anyone to use if they'd like: brashmonkeygames.com/brashmonkey/spriter/Spriter_Logos.zip

    I (and a few other artists) continue to work on the first two art packs: (Game effects and Basic Platformer), but will not be able to finish them until Spriter itself is a little closer to feature complete... So expect the official release of the art packs to be either durring the release of Spriter Pro 1.0 or slightly sooner.


  • Thanks much for the link as well as the info. I can't wait to see what the final release looks like. Just the difference from A4 to the latest video preview already shows a ton of improvement that I can't wait to get my hands on!

    Thanks again!

  • I pre-ordered spriter, so i can't wait to test animations in C2 :)

  • yes! bones!! thanks, looking forward to the next C2

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  • Has anyone been able to import an scml into the newest version of C2 with bones yet? I might be doing something wrong, but it's still crashing for me. I've updated the plugin, and am using version 119 of C2.

  • plauk I believe you need to have all objects named in the scml before you can import it successfully. Haven't gotten a chance to try with bones yet, but check the original post on this thread as I believe it has mention of some requirements for import as well as an example. Sorry if this doesn't help, I won't get to try boned imports until I get home from work tonight...

  • I can't speak for this version of plugin. I do know that the last version even if you did name all the objects there was no garuntee it would import properly..

    SPRITER guys

    How is the overall plugin stability and importantly is it now possibly effective to do re-import's yet? I'm hesitent to import anything right now knowing that if I make any changes all the in game spriter code is deleted :\ that is seriously the one huge disadvantage to C2. Code deletion upon object removal :( but there is no alternative as you "don't need code" if the object isn't there.

  • Hi all. Yes it still requires objects to be named, which will be automatic in the next version of Spriter. Also, I can confirm the new plugin/c2 does load boned animations.

    As far as reimporting, that's something Ashley has to take care of C2-side. I'll try to get in touch with him and see what the plans are for that, but it's an issue we've discussed in the past.

    I can't speak for this version of plugin. I do know that the last version even if you did name all the objects there was no garuntee it would import properly..

    Unless you mean bones specifically (in previous versions), please let me know if any projects are importing incorrectly, because I wasn't aware of any issues like that

  • update 2/14:

      <img src="smileys/smiley38.gif" border="0" align="middle" />fixed an issue where nonlooping boned animations exhibited strange behavior after animation completed. <img src="smileys/smiley38.gif" border="0" align="middle" />fixed an issue where sprites that weren't being used by the initial animation would remain visible until the animation was changed.
  • I'm fairly certain I've named everything, as I tend to do that anyway, but I'll triple check everything when i get home from work tonight. I've previously been able to import stuff sans-bones.

  • plauk, if you verify the named-ness of all the objects, and it still doesn't work, please send me the project at lucid@brashmonkey.com, and I'll take a look.

    Also, note, all objects on all animations must be named. If you want an object to use the same c2 sprite object across animations, give it the same name in all animations.

    Once again, when the next version of Spriter releases this will all be automated, and you'll only have to change names if you don't want the default name, or if you want to avoid using the same c2 object across animations for some reason

  • update 2/15:   fixed a bug introduced with bone support that positioned unboned sprites incorrectly when scale ratio was changed from 1.0

  • Awesome :) take it easy on your arm :)

  • found a problem loading bones that won't be fixed until the next version of Spriter releases. Working hard to make that as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience/false start

  • Hey lucid I didn't have a chance to play with C2 plugin yet but I did play with spriter and I must say I'm really impressed and interested in buying it.

    I have a couple question about animations in C2 with spriter plugin.

    How do they animate in C2? As far as I can understand now plugin is something like a reader - it reads informations made and saved from Spriter and loads that into C2. So all animations made in Spriter like move, jump etc. can be accessed and run directly from C2.

    but how it looks with IK animations? Can they be accessed in C2?

    To let say arm (set up in spriter) following the mouse using IK and bones?

    Oviously I'm not talking about current plugin, but something in the future releases.

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