Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • Spriter itself is useful for making animations which can then be ported into .png frames and then imported to C2, which would run on all frameworks either way.

    But lucid, I was wondering if there's a way to create an animation and get all 500-1000 frames. I noticed the .png export creates an animation based on your keystrokes (so if I use 40 keystrokes, the png export makes 40 image animations).

    Is there a way to add keystrokes without readjusting my image? Or export all 500-1000 images into .png files?

    *If you confused about what I said just tell me

    > This Spriter looks amazing!.one question,will a game using the plugin,be allowed submission to the Scirra arcade?...Thanks.

    I haven't discussed the arcade itself with Ashley, but once the plugin is further along and it's fully integrated with C2 and stable, it will be packaged with C2. At that point I'm assuming submission would be allowed.

    > will the use of Spriter based animations cause any issues with exporting to various platforms? Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, etc...? Or using frameworks like CocoonJS or PhoneGap?

    Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to research or tinker with C2 as far as CocoonJS or PhoneGap yet, but Spriter plugin is essentially an object that acts as a complex behavior on several other objects. I don't see why it shouldn't be possible to make it work, if the built-in C2 objects work.

  • Yung - Very soon now. I promise I will post here when it releases. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience everyone.

    retrodude - You can't do that yet, but you will be able to in a future version. Can't say exactly when yet, but it's on the todo-list.

  • Where do I extract the plugin to?

  • Cereal Killa there is a tutorial on using plugins that covers all that.

  • Will this be updated to export with the node-webkit?

    Ty for reading.

  • A few things to note for anyone trying it, the current iteration of the plugin will glitch out a layer if you switch which layer it is on at run-time. Also, you'll have to use some shenanigans to make it agree with any z-sorting methods you might like to use (on top-down games). Otherwise, it works just fine in C2. I'm just waiting for the new version so I can redo the animations with keyframes per objects :-) That will make a huge difference.

    Keep up the great work, lucid!

  • I'll work on that as soon as I get back to the c2 plug c7, and yaomon17, ashley gave me some hints as to why it wouldn't work with the node webkit, and I'll work on that as well. Thanks for your patience everyone.

  • I'll work on that as soon as I get back to the c2 plug c7, and yaomon17, ashley gave me some hints as to why it wouldn't work with the node webkit, and I'll work on that as well. Thanks for your patience everyone.

    Thanks! I'm working on a bunch of commissions so I can purchase the full version! Keep up the good work!

  • i'm really looking forward to the bones working! ;)

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Hi again everyone. Got in touch with Ashley about some small changes needed c2-side to get boned projects working. In the meantime, here's a new version that works with node-webkit(for win/mac/linux executables):

    scml plugin

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  • So now someone can make a Odin Sphere type game, and put it on Steam?

    Yeah I guess that's tweetable.

  • Thanks Lucid!!

  • I'm going to show the tool & the plugin to our creation team, since we are going to go the HTML5 way in the near future, they are going to like it ! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks guys :)

    update 2/11: fixed the issue with changing layers. Also, upon the next release of c2, this version will work with bones

  • Hey lucid I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work on this. I know this have been a labor of love for long before the kickstarter happened.

    I have finally gotten to the point in my current game development where I am animating my characters, etc... Spriter is making it so much faster and a million times better looking than creating animations with sprite sheets... Do you guys have a simple logo, etc... that I can include in my splash screens to help promote the product when I publish my games? Similar to what you see on console/PC games where the initial splash screen shows the engines, etc... that were used in creating the game...

    Also, any word on the starter sprite packs for those who have already purchased the Pro license?

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