Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • lucid

    Hi. Did you test Spriter object with Android default browser ? One of my publisher is complaining that the character will sometimes just corrupted. Hands, eye just go beserk at a split of a second when idle. When I tested it on my Galaxy S3 default android browser, it does shows this bug. I may have to revert to old spritesheet method if this can`t be resolved on Android browser. On chrome it is ok.

  • hey tumira . Does this happen for everything, or just certain files?

    EDIT: If possible please send the zipped scml/images so I can try it myself. Also, so you're saying this is the html5 export, and it works on pc browsers, but not android?

  • lucid

    I only have one scml object "player" on the screen. Based on my observations, all of the player animations will have this berserk sprite ? bug intermittently on android stock browser. The animations are saved using Spriter version B8 and prettify off. I will test on GreyGuy example and post link for you. Can you test on your side using android stock browser and sees if the problem occurs ?

    The bug only happens on android stock browser and not on chrome, firefox (PC and android)

    Lucid, can you put your email for me to send the scml, capx file ?

  • tumira tried two different scml files (greyguy and another file I was using for testing) and both of them play back fine on stock Android 4.2.1 browser.

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  • lucid , I just sent the email to you together with a screenshot to show the berserk bug.

    Edit: Just import from construct 2 and preview it in Stock browser.

  • thanks tumira

    plugin changelog 5/20/14

    • Fixed a bug with the new pivot point system that animated pivot point changes incorrectly.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause glitched animation playback in Android's stock browser
  • lucid

    Thanks for the quick bug fix.

  • lucid - some of my animations play at varying speeds and I don't know why, would you like to see my capx?

  • sure

  • How can I change sound (footstep) while walking on different areas ?

    and it's hard to understand setting the blend mood , can make an capx for example?

  • a performance question.

    lets say i have 5 different scml enemy's and each has three instances (a total of 15) in my game level.

    even if they are off screen , they still tween consuming cpu resources ?

    if yes is there an advice on how to make things more efficient?

    EDIT: could we use the "pause" animation and when we get closer to un- paused it? would that make any difference ?

  • I just looked at a view videos of this program and I have to just say.... wow. I bought it almost instantly. How the hell are you guys not charging more than 25 dollars!

  • lucid I have a problem, when I preview my project, I've attached a screenshot from the error prompt in the preview mode. I tried disabling some events (since it only crashes when the player touches the ground).

    Thas started happening since I updated the spriter plugin.

    Please help me, I'm stuck here because I can't do a thing.

  • you must re save all your scml and scon files with the new spriter 8.1 and all the custom save options to 'on'.

    then re import and hopefully your problem will be solved.

    and please check to see if you have any actions or conditions that refer to a png of an scml object.(example: on colision with hand png of the scml container)

    if yes, report back and i will explain further .

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