Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • lucid

    as i said a few days ago, inside spriter when you swap png's for "example" a blinking animation it works fine,inside construct it only shows the original png's(before the swap).so all my animations although the move perfectly ,every detail on them is gone and they look lifeless .(no blinking eyes,mouth,reflections etc.)

    are you aware of this issue?

  • that should have been fixed in the latest update. If you're still having that problem, please resend me the capx, and spriter project files so I can take a look

  • lucid

    Which is the latest plugin? Is it in this forum or brashmonkey forum ?


  • I'll always keep the most up to date version in this thread in the original post.

  • I made a demo and everything is run good in preview , but when I exported it as html5 website and put it in IIS , the game started but the spriter players did not appeared

    Note: I added mimr type for scml as text/xml

    what can I do?

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  • lucid - I also don't get the spriter objects when I use nodewebkit by the way. Any ideas?

  • mostaafa - if you minify the script on export, currently it breaks the spriter objects.

    Tobye - I'm using spriter w/ nodewebkit no problem. Do they show up during nodewk preview?

  • Scavengrove - Yeah they work in NW preview, so really not sure what the problem is. I've tried with and without minified script, scml and scon. Is there anything else I should check?

  • I just tested, seemed the hands were off in the spriter file. Everything now working including Nodewebkit export, (without minifying).


    Thanks :)


    If it is working in preview then you have imported everything correctly. I would say check and recheck that it's not something like a minor detail, exporting to the wrong folder/opening an older version. Something I have done many times.

  • MelVin - Thanks for the advice, but still I can't find the issue. I opened a new project and did nothing but put the spriter object in. Then I exported it to a new, empty folder. Same results unfortunately :(

    Here's a capx if you have a minute to take a look. Maybe you can see something I've missed?

  • Make sure to fill in your starting entity and starting animation for your Spriter project, same location were you changed the .scml to scon.

    Other than that everything is fine and working in the project you sent. Also exported it to Node-Webkit and the animation played perfectly. Make sure you update your plugin. Re download and replace if necessary. If you do all this I don't see why it would work for me and not you.

    Hope this helps:)

  • MelVin - Thanks again, but again no luck. Filled in all fields and deleted then reinstalled the plugin. How could it be that your export works and mine does not? 0_o Is it possible for you to link me to your exported version? That way I can see if it's my export or my computer that's the problem.

  • MelVin - Okay thanks, that works fine! So it's something going wrong when I export. That narrows it down at least.

  • Hi, working through emailed projects at the moment, but anyone having similar trouble, before removing all Spriter stuff, please try to just remove the actual scon file from the project, and add the resaved version using c2's project pane

    I did try that first, sorry I wasn't more specific of all that I had tried. When that didn't work for me I went further and re-imported everything.

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