Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • no problem. also fixed the link for anyone else.

  • Hi lucid

    I rename the objects in Spriter, like you said, and import it in C2 without problems. But when I tried to run it in C2 it show all sprites for a minute and disappear.

    I put the .capx and the .scml folder in the following zip file. could you please take a look?

    .capx and .scml


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  • Interesting this 2D Animation Game. I will test and if it's good I'll buy. Let me see this SPRITER...

  • NRABrazil I just tried it in firefox,chrome, and a ie, and it worked in all without disappearing. might be a browser issue, are you all up to date?

  • lucid

    What C2 version are you using, the last release, r110?

    Because I retried here in all browsers, including on a iPad2 by wifi, and the disappear continues.


  • NRABrazil:

    latest release with r110

    also had some people in chat test it, and they also had no problems.

    Might be something simple. There was a few times I ran a similar test, and forgot I had it following mouse, and thought something went wrong because my mouse wasn't over the canvas. But aside from that this also ran for other users as well.

  • hey i tried dragging the example scml file from the brashmonkey site. but C2 gave me an error that the spriter plugin was either missing or not installed correctly. Im using the latest beta build

  • Hi cosmos10040, the original post has this download link if you need it again, but you can download the plugin here.

  • Hey lucid

    Excuse, my mistake!

    I did not know that spriter plugin was updated for use in the latest version, r110!

    I was using the older one with directory named "spriter", instead of the new one "scml".

    It is working now!


  • no problem

    glad it's working

  • lucid

    I made a simple platform test to try out the plugin. Here are some bugs I encountered:

    -Pinning the "Mon" object to the "monMask" object doesn't seem to work though setting its position every tick works.

    -If you push left or right, the animation changes, but it looks like other objects that aren't used are made visible.

    Also, I know the C2 plugin is not stable right now, but is it safe to start building characters with bones in Spriter or will Spriter projects break on future releases? I'd like to create a few characters that will be ready to go when the plugin works.


  • Ok, I know why this is happening, and it will be fixed in the next build.

    Thanks for the bug report.

    Also, Spriter the program isn't complete yet, but there will be nothing that breaks caps or Spriter projects in any future editions.

  • Hey!

    Fantastic news, been looking forward to this for a long time!

    It looks like I can't run the Spriter plugin on iPhone exporting to cocoonJS, is this on my end or is this a known limitation? It complains about Ajax.

  • lucid- im trying but maybe im installing the plugin incorrectly but i get the same error. there is no readme in the zip. where am i putting the contents of that file?

  • lucid- im trying but maybe im installing the plugin incorrectly but i get the same error. there is no readme in the zip. where am i putting the contents of that file?

    you copy the plugin to the main construct 2 folder:

    1st. Go to your main construct 2 folder

    2nd. click on exports

    3rd. click on Html

    4th. Click on plugins

    5th. Paste the folder of spriter plugin in here

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