Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • Thanks for the fix! Unfortunately, I do not know exactly what caused the nameless objects to appear. I had a suspicion that it was the nameless objects causing the problem but when I tried to delete them the program crashed. I tried to rename them but I was only able to rename one of them (Name 1). The other object's name reverted back to its original. The objects seemed to have replaced already existing objects in the animation after I close out the file and open it up again.

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  • This software's brilliant! I bought the pro version a while back, but I've been waiting for it to have more pro features. I just animated a quick character and put it into C2.


    I could slow down the animation so that it was so slow you couldn't see it. No more jagged animation.

    I do wonder whether it's possible to make the characters move around yet using this, using the platform behaviour.

    I just tried it, and there's a big space beneath my character...

  • AnD4D

    When using spriter, you should have the Player use a Sprite object, then pin the Spriter graphical object to the player. Then you can adujust the collision box size and get the spriter gfx to align better.

  • Ahh, good idea. Thanks for that. So am I to understand we'll eventually be able to tween whole animations? That would be brilliant.

    Time to start learning how to draw!

  • That's what I hear. That 1.0 will include the ability to move from one animation to another with the system blending the tweens.... soooo awesome :)

  • lucid

    Yes, i did. But it's not working :(

    It tells me that a scml file was dropped but the brushmonkey appears to be missing T_T

    PS: thank you so much for your help :)!

  • And Spriter B4 has been released including the Character Mapping feature! Woot!

    Spriter B4 Release

  • This software's brilliant! ...

    I just tried it, and there's a big space beneath my character...hank you very much. For now, the big space problem is known about but difficult to deal with in c2 without a separate dummy sprite(there are most likely several tutorials using dummy sprites in the tutorials section). An upcoming version of Spriter will let you set collision rectangles which will of course be utilized in the c2 plugin for the main character as well as individual collision checks for any extra boxes you add and animate

    So am I to understand we'll eventually be able to tween whole animations? That would be brilliant.es! for now I'll confirm that transition blends between animations are planned for 1.0, and tease that blending between animations is only a tiny hint of what's to come in that area. Anyone who followed my CC experiments from times long past may have a clue where this is going.


    Yes, i did. But it's not working :(

    It tells me that a scml file was dropped but the brushmonkey appears to be missing T_T

    PS: thank you so much for your help :)!

    I'm actually pretty puzzled by your situation. At this point, the next step in troubleshooting is for you to zip your c2 folder itself, and send it to me at lucidwly@brashmonkey.com. I don't have much more I can do from here, so I don't find anything obvious going on there, I'm requesting the communities help in troubleshooting your issue.

    And finally to everyone, just some general updates. As BluePhaze pointed out (thank you bluephaze :)), the new version is out. Not ETA just yet on when this will hit the C2 plugin - as it requires yet another importer code update by Ashley, who also has C2 itself to work on. Also, I have some overdue documentation to complete, but rest assured this feature will be supported by the plugin.

    Some great news is that you can see the beginnings of pose previewing in C2 in the latest version. There's a bug where the y of the pivot points is upside down, but Ashley assures me this is fixed in the next version. Even more exciting, he says he's beginning work on the reimport code as well. I'm not sure this will come in the next version of C2, but it sounds like it may. Very exciting times!

  • This is so very awesome!! :) Quick question though - is there anyway to resize the resolution on an animation before importing it to Spriter?

    I have a very large image that I've put bones on and animated but want to import it at a smaller scale for Construct (not just rescale the large pieces in Construct because they would still take up all that space).

  • Hi agni. The 'Set Scale' action should handle that handily, unless I'm misunderstanding

  • Hey lucid - I don't think so if you mean 'Set Scale' as an action within Construct. I want to resize the entirety of the Spriter project before I import it because it's currently importing an extremely large file.

  • <font size="1">Fear not! I am not out of problems yet! After I c/p the linked file, the error reports stopped. However, when I set the player to the Journeyman or Alchemist animations, nothing shows up. :\ Help? dropbox.com/s/8unyyri78finzmq/GameFiles.zip%3C/font%3E

    edit: nvm i got it

  • Agni, that's coming to Spriter at some point, along with several other features to alter the entire animation. Most likely after the pro features like variables and collision boxes though. yaomon17, glad you worked it out.

    to everyone else, if you're using the latest version of c2, and not seeing the poses, please resave your project in the latest version of Spriter. It saves additional info that c2 uses for the pose feature.

    Also, if you're not already aware, the selection wrapping feature (select all the pieces, and right-click - selection wrap) lets you scale and rotate the character as a whole in the editor. The plugin doesn't yet take the scaling into account, but that's coming soon.

  • Don't worry, I still have more problems! heh. The mage's attack animation won't play properly. If you run the game directly from the Class Select, select Mage, click Battle, wait out the vs screen and click attack, the animation is very wonky.


  • Also I'm having various other problems that might be linked to the weird objects. I opened up the file again and the hands have disappeared off the mage victory animation. This happened with the elbows of the mage and journeyman on other animations before but I worked around them but this one is harder. Also, the cloak in the mage losing animation cloned itself. The weird objects from before is likely the elbow of the mage and journeyman that disappeared. Might have happened when I tried to copy and paste the keyframes :\

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