Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • > Great plugin, just starting to use it. Is it possible to set a frame rate for an animation?

    > It seems too smooth for a retro type of game

    > Also, a 20-30 FPS animation looks closer to a movie or animated cartoon. everything above looks like TV news


    Right now, the only way to do that would be to manually use instant speed curves on your keyframes in Spriter to make the animation limited to those frames (as many as needed).

    I see, thanks. That is a little more tedious, but will do. An option to covert to a "tesselated"(instant speed) animation would be nice, inserting a keyframe every 1/FPS seconds

  • Does anyone else have a problem using Set animation -> Blend to start ? It does not blend.

    If I have 2 animations: 1st one non looping and 2nd one looping.

    If i put condition: On 1st animation finished -> Set 2nd animation blend from start it just not blend

  • Hi Cipriux. There is actually a 'set second (blended) animation' action. You just mean you use the normal set animation action (not the one I just mentioned) on the second animation, correct? If so, it might be because the animation is stopped after the first animation is finished. Can you see if it works if both animations are looping (so it doesn't pause automatically when the animation completes). I will look into a fix either way.

  • lucid I use the normal set animation, not the advanced one with manual blend.

    If both animations are looping, the blend is OK when first animation is finished. The only problem is for non-looping animation.

    I also sent you a PM with my projects.

    Thanks for looking into this.

  • lucid -

    Hello, do you have documentations for these? I don't know what they mean or unit values they present. Can you give me a short detail for each? Thanks.

    1)Animation Length




    5)PlayToTimeLeft (is it in ms?)



    8)time (is it in ms?)

    9)timeRatio (Is it by "1.0 (normal)" , 2.0 (double-time)" ?)

    10)speedRatio (Is it by "1.0 (normal)" , 2.0 (double-time)" ?) (How does this relate with time ratio?)


    Btw: The "Opacity" expression has it's duplicate.

  • You have all of them explained under the expression. You saw that "opacity" is a duplicate but you didn't saw the description for all of them?

  • Cipriux - Ohh, yeah. I forgot about that. I don't use that so I didn't remember. Thanks

  • lucid Any news about that blended animation fix for non looping animations?

  • Hi lucid

    I've had the Spriter Pro license for a while, but only just started learning how to use it and it is a great tool.

    Any chance you guys will add a "Snap to grid" for bones and images in the near future (along with a customizable grid)? I could really use this feature in my workflow as I rely on precise setups etc.

    Please let me know if this is something you guys are considering

    Thank you in advance!

  • lucid Has this been reported yet, or is there a fix for it?: When using the new 'draw self' method--which I love, because of its performance-increasing power in avoiding thousands of images in C2--the origin points for the images are very off, I believe all reset to their original upper-left positions. Such as either not properly saved in the scon despite using the correct sprite sheet options in Spriter, or not properly read by the scml plugin side in C2. Is there a fix for this now, or a way I can manually work around the issue myself now?

  • Hi,

    i tried using the Spine "beta" plugin, and noticed they only use one C2 game object, instead of multiple sprites.

    this might be crucial to performance, but i dont really know.

    just wanted to through this out there.

    also it looks like spine plugin supports bending sprites:



    this was made in C2 and Spine, it only uses 1 simple png. i was kinda mind blown, but i think the same can be achieved in spriter.

    Spine plugin missing tons of features that exists in Spriter.

  • lucid, a few questions. Apologies if these have been covered before:

    1. First time starting a layout, spriter objects intitialise fine and I can set character maps using the "on initialised" trigger, but when restarting layouts or moving to another layout the trigger doesn't fire. So not sure how to set character maps when moving to another layout.

    2. Does the new directdraw mode significantly reduce CPU usage? My CPU usage is very high. Each enemy has 40+ animations of 10 frames each and there are upto 10 enemies on screen at once. Enemy variations are managed via character maps so there is only one SCML object.

    3. If the individual sprites are no longer separate objects in directdraw mode how would I go about setting frame specific hit boxes? I would like to avoid having to set hit boxes outside of spriter (i.e. in C2) for specific animation frames.


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  • stricky

    For number two, if you have a lot of animations (I have more than what you stated in your post), don't use charactermaps for that particular sprite object as it will lag due to high CPU usage. Instead, put all of the sprites for each character in their own individual folder using the same uniform naming methodology for each file, as taught in the Spriter tutorial.

    Duplicate one and use it as the origin folder for the scml.

    Once you finished the animations in the scml, simply replace the content of the origin folder with other folders, click reload and then generate the new atlas spritesheet. And simply do that for each variant that you have. Use the altas spritesheets in C2.

    If you previously use charactermaps for each components of the enemies like I do, then separate them into different categories of folders and then assemble all the different spriter object back in C2 using a blank C2 sprite object as the master. Once again, do not use charactermaps for sprites with massive amount of animations that you want to generate a good variety and number of.

    It will be a lot of work at first but performance gain in less CPU usage is ridiculous. Charactermaps are meant for simple animations and stand-in sprites.

  • Sethmaster, so does the method you describe result in a different SCML file/Spriter object for each enemy type in C2?

    Or do I end up with one SCML file and somehow point to a different atlas spritesheet in C2 to change the enemy type?

    Would appreciate some guidance on how to implement if it's the latter.

  • Have read through most of this thread but don't see a simple solution to the very basic problem raised by Colludium and How do we get the "on initialised" SCML event to fire when changing layouts? It works fine when starting the first layout but doesn't fire when switching layouts.

    I have tried using wait, on loader layout complete, timers, global variables, to properly set character maps when changing layouts, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone shed some light on the best way of achieving this.

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