Can i refund my money i am not happy with it?

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  • hey, can i refund my money if i am not happy with the game engine?

  • Did you try the trial ?

  • Yes, but i can't make an app for android.

  • Why not? I've made 6 apps for android.

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  • Napelazam

    Did you read the tutorial ?

  • I think he means on the trial you cannot export Android apps?

  • Why would he want a refund of the free trial?

  • yes -> "he means on the trial you cannot export Android apps?"

    Now i have the personal licence. this question is only rhetorical.

  • Hi Napelazam

    I am completely with you on this. ArcadEd has been very helpful. I fear this might proof to be a complete waste of my time too. I've since had a look at exporting to other platforms other than Android and hell this is a crap sorry o say the least. I sent a pres ales email asking if it is easy to publish to android and the answers it is easy indeed. I would recommend you look at Game Maker which I am currently trying out but will ask them if they also promise the word like Scirra and deliver something completely different. It would be one thing if they had decent tutorials for one but to make use of third party stuff that don't work like the issue now with cocoonjs, hen you have to wait, and I'm sorry but my time is valuable. Good luck and let me know what you decided. And YES YOU SHOULD GET A REFUND!!!! After all in my opinion this is false advertising ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU COMPARE IT TO GAMESALAD AND GAME MAKER.

  • Do I wish C2 just had an easy to use export option? Of course. I've spent the last, almost 2 years, learning C2 and CocoonJS. With all of the headaches, I have managed to release 7 titles, all using CJS now. The latest plugin had issues at first, but they seemed to be resolved at the moment.

    You can switch to other engines, but I promise you nothing is easy. You are going to need to learn, stay up on technology and continue to learn. So my advice, do a lot research and pick an engine that you are sure will work for what you want to do, then stick with it.

    I've been where you are. Getting an app done, learning Eclipse/Phonegap, Xcode/Phonegap. Then learning how to install admob SDKs into eclipse and xcode. It was a nightmare. So I tried AppMobi (Now intel xdk). Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But didn't have a way to get ads in easily. Then came cocoonJS and it worked, for the most part. I had to work around stuff, and keep trying, and trying, and trying. FIguring out not only Cocoon, but Mopub as well. But finally it all started making sense. Now you new guys have people like me, and countless others, that have been through the ringer and can help .

    So what i am saying with this long winded post is this. Every engine will have a challenge, it's just a matter of you learning it and working within it's limitations . Hope that is a little helpful at least.

  • Well i must say i am on your side Napelazam on this matter...

    All really seems like a fals advertising becouse you cant do anything only with C2 but rather you need 3rd party solutions wich is total bull...

    But since i invested a lot of time into learning C2, it kinda grown into me... and i love it.

    Hopefully Scirra will sort this exporting mess soon.

  • I don't have to learn cocoonjs or any coding for a steam release right? Win/Mac/Linux

  • I don't believe so.

  • Welcome to the weekly native rant.

    The arguments are always the same, and yet the drama always starts out differently.

    Enjoy the show.

  • LOL Newt, so true.

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