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  • Hi there,

    R100 is available now (you can find the download-link on the good looking new modificated Startpage from Scirra).

    I have installed it now. I have tested the Exe Exporter first. When

    i do this a Popup comes up that says "Check the Awesomium License first".

    So now my question is - is it not allowed to make for example commercial PC-Games? Must i buy a Licence from Awesomium for 2900$ first ?? Or is it allowed?

    When it is not allowed - the *.Exe Exporter will be useless i think...

    Next little question i have - how i can make a *.Exe Fullscreen?



  • I made an .exe out of the shader example but when I run the .exe nothing happens.

  • $2900? Really?


  • Just read the license. As long as you don't make more than $100k you qualify for the Indie license.

  • Check the Awesomium license page:


    Specifically the free license section:

    Free for Indie Companies

    If your company made less than $100K last year, you qualify!

    Free for non-commercial use

    Free for evaluation and development

    It goes into more detail on this page:


    e recognize the importance of Awesomium and want to get into the hands of as many developers as possible. That?s why we?ve made Awesomium completely free for indie developers. If your company made less than $100K in revenue last year, you qualify to use Awesomium for commercial use free-of-charge.

    So most people should be fine! Any questions about the licensing specifically obviously should be directed at Awesomium themselves.

  • Was just about to post a link to that, but you're all over it, Tom.

    Great news.

  • Well then, that's nice!

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  • So it's $2,900 a year every year your company profits > $100,000 ? Or just one time? I would't mind paying, if I ever made that kind of money hahaha.

    Also, just to clarify, if my C2 project makes more than $5,000 I have to buy the business license from Scirra, but that's just once, right?

  • If you made more than $100K, you're probably not going to be too stressed by shelling out for that licence.

  • andreyin best to contact Awesomium, I wouldn't wish to answer incorrectly by accident.

    With Construct 2, if you make over $5000 revenue from your Construct 2 creations you will need to upgrade to the Business Edition License. It is a one off cost per license, we don't currently charge any recurring fees on any of our products.

  • KMag I've just checked, the standard full-screen request via the Browser object seems to work for me. There is no button on the keyboard to exit, it seems though. Still, looks good to me!

  • DalekAddison

    Hi there,

    which option do you have selected for the fullscreen *.exe export?

    Scale...crop...or do you mean other ones?


  • Tom

    Ok, thanks!

    Also, just tried exporting to .exe here, but I got a black screen.. I'm sure it's because I'm using an on-board videocard though. Yesterday my GeForce 210 stopped working all of a sudden.. talk about unluck.

  • 2900????people are crazy i never going to pay 2900 for conversion... wtf is that kind of system????

    That kind of mentality can kill artistic productions 2900$...and what after were going to see Plugins for construct starting at 50$ and more???


    <img src="smileys/smiley35.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • imothep85 see my first reply, most people should be able to use the free license!

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