Poll: How many events does your project have?

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  • I'm Just curious to see what the average project has.

    I guess I'll start by posting mine: ReVeN: XBridge 5980 events across 9 sheets

  • Working on 2 but none are finished yet:

    My CCG project: Lobby=71event; LogicHost=1091events; Client=952events

    My microMORPG: Client=156event; LogicHost=241event

  • My current project, Reliquary, has 1283 events right now. That's for player control, level system, AI for 8 enemies and two boss fights, environmental interactions, and procedural generation for two different biomes. I think it'll at least triple by the time I hit the 1.0 release.

  • My work on The Blue Code which uses a full point and click game engine that includes advanced features such as BlueScript interpreter, advanced audio features(audio zones, reverb, audio patterns, audio fade...), tutorial system, inventory system, proper save, tool tip, assistant guide mechanism..... all ticks in at apx 1500. To put that into perspective. I can add many many many more rooms and the Event count will never go up. So i can have 10 times the amount of content and still sit at the same Event count.

    Most of my full engine games run about 1200 events.

  • It does not really matter how many events you have. How you use them is what matters.

    Some people can have exactly same game mechanics, but one will have 100 events and the other one will have 20.


    5980 events across 9 sheets, I would say thats a lot of events for 9 sheets only

    On my current very small mobile-ads-test game I have 202 events spread across 6 event sheets

  • One project. 5 layouts and 50 events on 4 of them. Also using 20 Global Variables. Before I cleaned my event sheets up, I had 150+ events on each layout.

  • My simplest game, with webstorage and highscores, ran for under 150 events across 4 layouts, and under 10 globals. My current game, currently at 6000+ events across 50+ layouts with over 40 globals.

  • My game, Psi, only has a measly 797 events so far. That covers most of the basic game engine.

  • Personally working on a multiplayer project. I had about 70 events. Now I am in the 50's

    Really trying to focus on optimizing and streamlining what I have. Keeping server and client code clean. And minimal.

    It has been challenging keeping track of what the server should do, and what the players should do. Especially as I begin adding more complex features.

    Still looks messy and I want to get things more concise before I move forward. If not for performance, then for my own sanity haha.

  • 914 events for a challenge tower defense v 3.0, i thought i probably had reached too much events for a game,

    its getting more and more crazy hard to try and add in new stuffs and to find one thing in 914 events.

    i have put in lots and lots of groups to make my game easier to navigate, but i still think its wasting too much time

    and effort. my last update is adding a campaign which is having lots of other layouts/ maps but uses the same events.

    after that i will probably give up trying to improve it.

    how the heck suntank and rekjl navigate through 6000 events, LOL.

  • Cosmochoria currently around 2500 events.

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  • 3991 events and i try very hard to optimize the events

  • btw your games looks gorgeous

    will be buying as soon i can XD

  • I never went above 400 events for any of my projects, and the times I did, there was clearly room for lowering the amount of uneeded events, and like 10 to 20 percent of them were functions, as I am trying to never have useless repetitions.

    I kind of wonder how you can do to have as much as 5000 events without hardcoding everything. .-.

  • Lots of events isn't an issue... as long as those events don't bog down the system.

    One thing to think about is that the more events you have the harder debugging will be.

    I find functions to be quite annoying as they can be stuck anywhere, and....

    Yeah its kinda like that.

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