Poll: How many events does your project have?

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  • 366 events for a Metroidvania rpg platformer but I got a good bunch of the gameplay mechanics done.

    I tried to optimize the most I can for debugging purposes and to avoid too much complexity when finding errors.

  • btw your games looks gorgeous

    will be buying as soon i can XD

    Thank you so much!! <3

    One thing that is ballooning the events in my project is the message system. since the messages are able to be continued when you push the 'next button' so there's a 'if message_id = X display Y' part that takes up a few events.

  • all of my games have under 100 events or slightly above, but they are all small games

  • 783 for my current project...will probably end up with ~1000 when I'm all done(ish).

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  • I think Courier is around 3,000 events. A lot of it it's due to dialogue since what the npc's say is relatively context-sensitive. The actual actions for the dialogue are all functions, but narrowing down which message should come out takes a decent count. Interactive music does the same thing. Functions to actually play the cues, but sub events to decide what comes next.

  • 3821 at the moment!

  • 2106 so far.

  • My project has about 200 events

  • Wow. It's awesome to see the diversity in people's projects. I really wanna check out some of your projects, is there an easy way to play\see them?

  • I'm working on a project which is effectively a browser client for a database application, so ideally everything is static on screen (now doesn't that make FPS less important). However there is a lot of work involved in expanding the information and making it available in an interactive form, and then processing queries to produce well formed AJAX requests to an API. so a lot of edge-case checking and functions. So my events are coming in about 1200+ and will grow as functionality increases. When I have all the functionality working, I'll go back and optimise.

    As someone else said, it's really how you use them and many of mine end up for single-use purposes though I use functions wherever I can. Good programming practice is a great enabler and assistance for C2.

    more important it is getting difficult to track progress with so many events and for those with 6000 events, i'm guessing that's very difficult to track. I've developed my own external tools and processes but the IDE does need some improvement.


  • rho - can you name any specific improvements? I'd have thought you can comfortably go in to the thousands of events with groups, separate event sheets, includes and so on.

  • I use all that, and there's clearly nothing wrong with the ability of C2 to manage that quantity of events..

    so Ashley, here are my biggest bug-bears. A lot of these arise from having multiple event sheets that are included into a single layout, and from using functions.

    * search is very limited and works only on one event sheet. This can be very annoying when you are looking for something but you don't know where it is. I'll also express my dislike of how search displays it's results by filtering out all events without the relevant search term. personally i'd like to see it highlighted in context and perhaps a next/last search option. Personally I find GREP works a lot better under Linux when I'm really stuck.. which is a terrible thing to say.

    * when you have lots of functions, it becomes very messy. I'd love to have a map that says in which event-sheets your functions reside .. just that would be hugely valuable.

    * some of the recent improvements help this, but there are a number of times when I have accidently copy/pasted the same function twice and then you have two viable functions that are called the same... little gotcha's like that would be useful to stop.

    * an object/image map that says where certain sprites/objects are used and in what layouts. i'm afraid to delete objects from my game because if I do that, then all related events get deleted. I am not arguing against that functionality, but if I have left anything in and then unknown chunks of the game get deleted, that becomes very scary. Again something that says these objects are used in these events, or even at the level of layouts/event-sheets would be useful.

    So these are just mine, it's all about organisation and tracking where what is what. at the moment it's based on name event sheets intelligently and hoping you've remembered where everything is... maybe it's my rapidly aging brain and declining faculties but after a thousand events, 15 event sheets, it's just taking longer and longer as things get more complicated.

    so the short-version... for big projects, it'd be nice to see more search and organisational tools so we can see what is where at a glance.

    PS: and for all the others... processing the raw event sheets is actually straightforward and nicely structured ... nice one guys.


  • Ashley I agree that it is comfortable enough to dig through events when they are properly grouped and distributed across sheets. (And lets not forget the awesome search tool and book marks!) The only thing that would amazing to have would be a hyper graph editor sheet that visually shows connections between triggers and events in real time like in Unreal engine 4, but that idea could be saved for Construct 3D

    Btw, a Suggestion section on the Forum would be really nice (for everyone's sake) you never know what kind of improvements these thousands of people using your program can come up with.

    rho Those are some good ideas. I guess I'm just used to working around these [shortcomings?], but anything can be improved upon. I can't wait to see what's in store for future C2 updates!

  • 410 events so far.

  • It does not really matter how many events you have. How you use them is what matters.

    Some people can have exactly same game mechanics, but one will have 100 events and the other one will have 20.


    5980 events across 9 sheets, I would say thats a lot of events for 9 sheets only

    On my current very small mobile-ads-test game I have 202 events spread across 6 event sheets

    This is very true.

    My first game was a big Ninja RPG, it was ~3,000 events. I thought it was already optimal.

    Then I worked on a sandbox spacesim [Star Nomad], my focus was optimizations from the start having learnt a lot through mistakes with the RPG, but all up, its ~4,500 events. I trimmed it as much as possible but its a complex game with factional AI and dynamic trade/missions etc.. its never going to be lite on events. Interestingly, Star Nomad was TOO complex it crashed Crosswalk and Intel had to send my capx to the Crosswalk team for them to debug, which they did fix a glitch on their part that crashes in large games. Seeing a large game with so many images & events run so smooth even on older mobile devices (S3) was a joy.

    I recently rebuild the Ninja RPG game from scratch to optimize it further, and all up, it was ~1,200 events only, so I cut out a lot of sloppy usage of events and its trimmed greatly. The game runs much faster on a wider range of devices as a result and even looks nicer.

    I am a firm believer that C2 & HTML5 is great for mobiles, despite the common complaints or poor performance.

    Ultimately, C2 is easy to use but definitely hard to master.

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