Poll: How many events does your project have?

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  • I open my event sheets, and spend 15 minutes trying to understand what the heck I was doing and what each of those events do! Haha actually mine is still ok because each event sheet has around 120 events only, so its still very manageable.

    Ultimately, C2 is easy to use but definitely hard to master.

    How true!

    Ashley, Groups are super useful and important, but still I think we find ourselves in many situation where we create a a few groups, say Group A, B and C. But Group B and C also needs to have triggers in Group A and it can quickly get quite messy when there are tonnes of groups than need to share triggers and events.

    How about implementing color codes? Perhaps for the Events box. For example, I can set all my player controls to have a yellow event box, player interacting with enemies to have a red event box, scores and lives calculation to have a green event box, etc. This way even if scores and lives have events need to be in the player interacting with enemies group, because I can set the event box to be green, I can immediately by a glance. It would make recognizing and managing events that much more easier I think.

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