OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console

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  • If this works out then it's a great thing, but I'm not really seeing this becoming anything big. They were using Minecraft to promote this while in real world the company Mojang has no intrest for it.

    From my point of view, I wouldn't want anyone to modify my game and re-sell it as their product(This is what they were selling as well, "hackable games").

    All the games designed for touch have to be re-created for this device and it's game controller that does not exist yet. I think I actually read that they only have one of these consoles and that one is just a prototype that doesn't have any powerful hardware in it, and is due to change.

    It's also a big problem to sell something targeted for poor people, because it can become exactly as the android market where everything has to be free to get plays. When something like apple products are known to be expensive and you can clearly see that these people are willing to buy whatever new you wan't to sell them.

    Is there going to be any interest among the non-game developers?

    I think if there's any great innovations made with it, it may have a chance.

    One of my favorite TV-shows are the English, Canadian Dragon's Den and the American Shark Tank.


    Actually I think I have a better idea... What if they would just make android controller and a TV output for multiplayer games that supports them? You could still get these games from android market and play the same game on your tablet...

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  • well i upped my pledge to $699 for the developer special. I'll get my console on December 2012. I just hope its not a waste of money.

  • It's also a big problem to sell something targeted for poor people, because it can become exactly as the android market where everything has to be free to get plays.

    These games don't have to be free -- they just have to be cheap!

    Ouya could be successful in Brazil also because everything is overpriced here. 99 USD is the price of a Dynavision (8-bit Nintendo clone) today. A Brazilian Mega Drive 4 (Sega Genesis) console costs 125 USD for instance.

    I bet Ouya would cost 400 or 500 US Dollars on Brazilian stores. But since we can buy it online for 99 USD (in fact almost 200 considering shipping and taxes to Brazilian Customs) it may be big here.

  • If all industrial developement and distribution goes well the success may depend on game developers.

    The game makers need to find the balance in several factors:

    1. How much percent of a game will be free? 10% or 30%?

    2. How much to charge for the full game? 1/5/10 USD?

    3. Force ingame items/subscription?

    My opinion:

    1. I'm sure that the more the gamer gets for free the more sales will be done. Think about it: you get 30% of the game... you love it... you wanna play trought... you can pay for it by a click.

    2. Based on my own practice the typical price of a non-legal game for XBox is about 5-6USD. I need to go to the store, give my list, wait for 24 hours for the copy, etc. I think if the same game - with 30% of free gameplay - is available for 5-10USD, I'll buy it!

    I'm sure that even the Xbox game's original developers do not got more than 5USD for their game if I buy it for 50USD in the store.

    3. I really hate paid items and subscritions in games. Altrought I can imagine some type of games with a fixed munthly fee to cover central server fees.

  • This sounds interesting, but I don't understand how they hope to get developers interested. If 'free games' is their main advertising push, and the thing is as hackable as they say it is, then developers may lose what little money the get from sales due to easy piracy.

    It certainly sounds nice, though, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  • This sounds interesting, but I don't understand how they hope to get developers interested. If 'free games' is their main advertising push, and the thing is as hackable as they say it is, then developers may lose what little money the get from sales due to easy piracy.

    It certainly sounds nice, though, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

    I think they would make money advertising on the Games, so, think twink when battling with the BOSS, because it may happen to appear an ADVERTISE on the middle of your screen and you lose the battle xD

  • Like another poster I'm late to the party, and like others I'm interested in using C2 on the ouya. I plan to invest in the kickstarter soon. However, I would like to share from what I've read and my own opinion on the ouya just as a place to express it.

    I love the principle idea of this machine. However, it's going to bust like the Nokia NGage and the other mobile gaming device such as the Pandora and Gizmondo. Why? The dream of the PR is different than who they are actually targeting.

    The dream is that they will create a cheap, affordable game console that EVERYONE can use. With an open platform and already access for developers to port their Android games to the ouya allows for a big and fast starting line up of games. That's all well and good really, but there is a but.

    The game is to fit the market of an Android OS XBox. Everything about it fit's this target market. Looking at this market as it is now shows that this market is small. It's small ques that when reading and watching you can pick up.

    Let's start with an obscure one as the ouya as a mass market console is a "NO" console.


    10% of people are left handed. The controller is a right handed controller. Boom, that's 10% of the potential market gone. Ok that's just 10%, but the controller is the heart of the ouya for any possible success. So I'm not done yet.

    Like many people on this forum we enjoy our games. I'm sure that many of us have more than one gaming platform(PC). I have PS3, Wii, Android Tablet with a Tegra2 and an iPod Touch. I'm sure others have more. Now unfortunatly I don't spend as much time on my console. I'm in the insult category for the ouya team who end up spending more time using Netflix. However I have Netflix for my TV by PS3 and Wii. Which do I use more? Wii.

    My Wii has a better GUI and a better input for navigating the Gui. I'm not going to go into competition of which controller is better for gaming(Wii, PS3, 360) as that's coming up later. Straight out no input system beats Point and Click. PnC is intuitive, quick and easy. The PC, Tablet and Wii all prove that the PnC interface is a mainstream, mass market audience. No classic dual handed console controller(1/2 Analog, 4 face +2 shoulder buttons) will ever manage to make mass market that the PC or growing tablet market has. NEVER.

    Gaming diversity. I love my Wiiremote, but I have to admit that the Wiiremote alone just can't do all the games possible. At the same time the dual classic controller can't either. While I'm glad the ouya will support touch pad technology. That is far short than one a proper touch screen can do. Also there is no motion control for simple tilting. I don't need use my body, but a controller that can mimic a steering wheel is great. Some games sucked with the Wiiremote(Capcom vs Tatsunoka), but were brilliant with others(Skyward sword, Godfather).

    I'm not saying that the ouya should have a Wiiremote, but the ouya could go a lot farther buy creating a controller that works as dual classic AND as a pointer device to support PnC.

    I think the ouya machine is awesome. I think it could go far, but the controller is going to keep it in obscurity. The controller pretty much just screams


    I personally think the ouya should natively support IOS and Android touch screen devices as controllers. It would also be fantastic that we can use our PS3 and Wiiremote controllers too. That's how the console could move to be a true mass market item. Let the consumer choose there input device.

    Technology is support by the people who use it. The people who use it like easy, intuitive and useful. The ouya is just a game console targeting a market between Android and the PS360.

    I still offer the console good luck. I am going to invest because I want the device and would love to see C2 game on it. Anyways I'm done.

    Proceed to tear my head off for mentioning market share in regards to MS, Sony and Nintendo :D

  • I'm left handed and somewhat two-handed and the controller is perfect for me. I can't stand playing gamepad based games (99.9% of the games and game genres i like are gamepad based) on touch screens. No more of that please :)

  • Thought some of you might be interested in this -> OnLive Available on Ouya at Launch

  • Not really, as OnLive is completely blocked for german customers. Still no interest in that console.

  • OnLive is still a great addition. Having already tested it i say it works ok. Was some time ago , so it could be better now. And i'm stuck here in Brazil so it's a wonder it worked here at all.

  • OnLive is NOT a global gaming

  • A while ago I sent an email to the Ouya devs, got a response today, signed by Julie.

    In short, I sent an email explainig who I am, what Construct 2 is, hoping it catches their attention. I knew I wasn't the only one who'd sent them an email about this and it paid off. They're looking into it now.

    I also asked some other stuff in my mail.

    Number of controllers. "we support 2 controllers today but hope to get up to 4 by launch"

    Third party controllers (fightsticks etc). Mainly what their stance on it is. "open to 3rd parties, we're open to a lot of things ;)" (my friend is getting his ouya in december supposedly. first thing i'm trying is plugging in my madcatz te)

    Online Multiplayer Support (think a xbox live/psn network kinda deal) "yes, just not at launch" (note though that this doesn't answer how it's going to work, only that they have something planned.)


  • So after being in contact with the OUYA team I decided to pledge $699 in order to have a console delivered to me in December. We'll see what happens in the long run for the console but I believe that it'll make quite a splash on launch.

    I was sort of hoping to ride the wave and for my group to have our game ready for the console launch in March.

    I just really hope that there won't be too much trouble with getting the gamepad to agree with C2. :P

  • Only a couple of hours left and i'm so glad i pledged $699 so i can get the console in December. It will be very interesting to see how Construct 2 can be used to create games for this console.

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