OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console

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  • Exciting Device i am part of the backers :)

    I dont know why but i feel like this system can be a great opportunities for construct 2 !

    HTML5 platform games brought to console > mapping controller and here we have all we need ! no ?

  • So it's "for the developer" yet they strive to make games as cheap as possible, hackable, and ideally, free? ...What?

    Also isn't Steam doing pretty much the exact same thing except with 100x the funds and more experience?

  • I believe it will support games created in construct 2, as long as they are ported through Cocoon JS and Appmobi wrapped as an Android game app. If they are on the android market, they will be/should be compatible.

    I recently asked them this very question and i am waiting on their response. The console will use Android 4.0 with a good amount of great hardware, so any game created in C2 should run fairly smooth.

    If this platform takes off, i am pretty sure Tom and Ashley will be all over it and add full support inside C2 once their specifications are revealed.

  • They've pledged to give away about 6000 consoles at the $95 price point, including a wireless controller. That's pretty ambitious!

  • Yes you are right Steam is already great for indies but it doesn't mean their is no room for another player ! Additionnaly it's Hacker friendly which is interesting ... who knows what a nation of hackers can imagine/create.

    In someway this strategy remind me the one of Facebook at the beginning:

    " I create a platform and i let you guys add whatever you want on it, we both earn money and increase the community" in FB case we need to add " untill I change my mind and the rules" :)

  • Also why not just make a mobile or tablet that can plug in to a TV, with wireless controllers?

  • That's what I though too. Most of us have a mobile and tablet that have most of the games that probably will be realeased on the Ouya. With the iPhones you could use airplay with the apple tv and with android you could just hook the phone up to the tv and use a bluetooth gamepad.

  • I guess a few people remember the vaporware Phantom console. Lots of PR but never released. The company just makes keyboards now.

    Also why not just make a mobile or tablet that can plug in to a TV, with wireless controllers? Sounds like if another big company did that, it would make the Ouya redundant.

    Reminds me of the new device Wikipad

    mini HDMI

    10.1-inch screen

    Multi-touch (10points)

    screen allows for 2D and 3D viewing

    Android 4.0.3

    dual joysticks

    USB 2.0 ports

    8GB flash storage

    micro SD expansion port

    front and rear facing cameras.

  • over 1.4 million

    now even featured on GameTrailers


  • I love consoles and also love console hacking. So this is really exciting. I also think this gives everyone a fair chance to do as they please.

  • Nice, they reached goal, i wonder about SDK. I think it's only for Android Development like Java.

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  • Also why not just make a mobile or tablet that can plug in to a TV, with wireless controllers?

    The entire point of this thing is to make a "console", not a tablet.

    Making it a tablet would also be kind of dumb. First, they would have to incorpotate a screen, increasing production costs further. Second, the tablet market is pretty saturated. Everyone seems to be making tablets. Microsoft, Gamestop, Amazon, etc etc. The console market is anything but saturated. There's three consoles, period, and to get on one of those you HAVE to be backed by a publisher.

  • there are plenty of gaming tablets but the problem is they are all expensive, Fragile also very fragile. You have to get a special carrying case and specialized accessories, Charge is usually an issue after a year or two so replacing batteries and cords that become lost or damaged. Screen becomes scratched and blurry, Plus you cant play with 4players in the same room on a tablet I think.

    149 dollars delivered to my door.

    plus two nice looking touch screen gamepads.

    Most likely to be expandable so upgrading

    flash and Ram shouldn't be a problem.

  • > Also why not just make a mobile or tablet that can plug in to a TV, with wireless controllers?

    The entire point of this thing is to make a "console", not a tablet.

    Most tablets already have a HDMI out so you can plug it into a TV, and there are ways to have a wireless controller with tablets.

    It appears to me that this is just a tablet without a screen. From what I gather from their FAQ, development on this is identical to developing for android tablets and any existing android app will work with it. The only tweaks needed for existing apps would be to provide a way to control them with the controller instead of a touchpad. Their specs do say that the controller has a touchpad, but I don't think a touchpad without a display is very usable.

    On the other hand if this console is made bulkier than a tablet then it could be made fan cooled which in turn would allow overclocking with less risk of overheating.

  • inkBot and Erndog2k, exactly what I think.

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