OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console

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  • I think is a good idea

    and is cheap

    where you can buy a tegra3 quadcore with 99 dollars?

    But how the games make money if the console is easy hacking

    and come with a lot of free games?

  • I think is a good idea

    and is cheap

    where you can buy a tegra3 quadcore with 99 dollars?

    But how the games make money if the console is easy hacking

    and come with a lot of free games?

    They say you can choose any method of monetization, so I figure Google ad's and Pay pal unlocks etc.. might be an option.

  • It does sound a bit underpowered, at least compared to modern consoles that run a non interpreted language.

    At 1 gig of ram, I wonder it it would run current browsers.

    Just feels kinda funny taking the guts of a tablet, and putting it into a console.

    Its like replacing a Ducati engine with a hamster wheel.

    Granted the hamster is on meth, and the Ducati is more like a Segway, but still....

  • I poked about some in the comments of the project and people have been saying it's underpowered, and the OUYA people seems to have responded, saying that it will be more powerful. I'd guess that the specs listed are more an indication of what they've got working currently. With the amount of backing they've gotten they'll probably be able to put some more powerful hardware in there. If it still fits the price point of the thing, that is.

    On the other hand if this console is made bulkier than a tablet then it could be made fan cooled which in turn would allow overclocking with less risk of overheating.recisely.

  • This could get huge. I personally don't like playing on touch screens, much prefer goodold game pads. Yeah there's several solutions of plugging gamepads and tvs to iphones/ipads but it just doesn't feel right. This OUYA feels. If there wasn't any demand for something like that the project would never raise more than 2 million dollars (and raising). Competing with big consoles like PS3 and Xbox is not the point. The point is bringing full indie power to consoles in a new scale. It's not underpowered. Another thing is the push to free to play games. Yeah it can be misused badly but it's the future, things are merging to it.

    Anyway every indie developer should feel at least a little excited. I always get excited easily with things like this, so i find it hard to get skeptical :D

  • I'm following this closely too, it indeed might be huge. In a good or in a bad way.

    Interesting enough, I was reading some reviews on Nexus 7, from whom they've seem to borrow the specs, and it's not bad at all, for what it



    It will definitely not be on pair with today's or next gen consoles, but I do feel that a lot of games that I do play on my console uses way much less "power" than what it is available, so it might fit my playing style.

    And developing games for it, with all these momentum, seems very interesting, to say the least.

  • Most popular games today either 2D or 3D like Minecraft require much less hardware power then big aaa consoles provide. So if things like XBLIG on XBox got so popular , this OUYA could indeed become a huge success. The future is Indie !! :D. The traditional console model might even die. In fact it's already dying.

  • This could be pretty cool, wouldn't mind playing my game on it (I dont like touch screen thumbsticks). I hope they do clock the processor higher than tablets though.

    They want it to be very open and they invite hackers to do whatever, but then whats the point of selling things on it?

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  • Every console/tablet/software/game available today it's hackable, regardless of what anyone says, there's a way, I know.

    Plus, I really believe that the hacker part wasn't aimed really at hacking the thing for harmful purposes, even though it will get hacked that way if it gets big enough, but so did the 360/PS3/PSP/NDS/Wii the list goes on, even the GD3 discs that MS launched not long ago, that made the process of burning full working backups of games impossible by yer average DVD Drive aren't hack free anymore, of course you gotta know what you are doing, but that's beside the point. Worrying about a hack free game/device so much it's like worrying about finding a way to prevent death; probably won't happen.

    I believe this deserves a shot, for us console lovers, this is a dream come true.

  • Woah, they're on 2.5m now. Yesterday when it was around 1.3m I was refreshing the page every few seconds and it would jump up $100-500 every time. Madness.

  • There's a lot of devices using Tegra 3 now, I hope HTML5 works decent on it.

    Its almost at 2.7 million now, lols.

  • I just pledged $99, can't wait to see how it works.

  • They upped the max amount of $99 pledges from 20000 to 80000. O_o

  • Wow. It's growing fast. This looks like it's going to be pretty big. Nice.

  • I just saw this on another forum I goto all the time. Im gonna do the 99$ one

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