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  • With Cocoonjs there were a number of plugins/features that were unsupported.

    [quote:9gf6c7ow]- The form control plugins Textbox and Button are not supported.

    • The XML object is not supported.
    • The Facebook object is not supported.
    • The letterbox fullscreen modes are not supported. If they are selected, it will fall back to 'Scale outer' mode instead.
    • The Text plugin's 'Set web font' action is not supported.
    • The WebStorage plugin's session storage is not available. Use local storage or global variables instead.

    So I want to know which official plugins and features work out of the box with phonegap and crosswalk? i.e. Does Facebook and Twitter work? Do the above work? Are there any known features that don't work?

    Any information would be helpful so I can avoid pitholes early.

    Kind regards,


  • On iOS 8+ and Android L+, PhoneGap basically supports everything the system browser does (Safari on iOS and Chrome for Android, although on Android PhoneGap is locked to the version of Chrome that is built in to the OS).

    The main problem with PhoneGap is some SDKs require opening new windows, e.g. for login prompts. In PhoneGap opening a window doesn't work because it's not a tabbed browser, it's just a single view making up the app. So I think the Facebook, Twitter and Google Play plugins don't work, simply because their login flows rely on opening windows, which does nothing. It should be possible to work around that, but it can be tricky - the best solution is if the SDK developers like Facebook are aware of this limitation and design their SDKs to work within PhoneGap.

  • ok, that's good to know. Thanks for the information. You're a star Ashley

  • TheWyrm


    You can use in app browser (plugin) instead of tabbed browser.

    Currently Facebook (html5) login works, the evidence is 's Facebook 2.1 :

    and Google Play (html5) login also works :

    If Ashley is helped by and me, all html5 login problem can be eliminated by one punch.

  • cranberrygame Well that would be awesome. I'm sure the community would appreciate this fix/improvement.

  • If Ashley is helped by lanceal and me, all html5 login problem can be eliminated by one punch.

    Do that!

  • I don't mind helping with the phonegap Facebook login. The only issue with the way I have the Phonegap login for Facebook is that you can only run GET calls on the API, all POST calls will not work. So you can fetch user info...... but you cannot use functions like the javascript photo uploading or updating scores.....

  • So are we not helping to update the official facebook and Google plugins for phonegap? Just checking in because I haven't heard anything else. Not that I don't mind, people can still buy the facebook plugin I built with phonegap support at my website, but I thought it would be nice to throw out the phonegap login for the official version due to how awesome the community and developers are here.

  • Ashley ^

  • I'll take a look at logins for various SDKs in PhoneGap in the next beta cycle, but if anyone's figured it out already then sharing code samples would be useful.

  • Ashley, here is a cut and paste of my Phonegap Facebook login. My code is an adjustment based off of the following website. http://blog.geniuspods.com/2013/10/15/h ... -phonegap/ You do need the 'in app browser' installed for Phonegap in order to utilize this and the domain and web addresses in the Facebook developer app settings need to be set to http://localhost. url_S in this example of course is set to "http://localhost/" while the state variable is user defined.

    Acts.prototype.Phonegap_Login = function (url_S,state)

    {//if(FB_API["Instance"].uid != this.uid){return;}

    if (check_app_Type("Phonegap_Login","PhoneGap") == false) {FB_API["Runtime"].trigger(cr.plugins_.Facebook2_1.prototype.cnds.Con_Phonegap_Login_Fail, FB_API["Instance"]);return;}

    ios_url = window.open("https://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth?client_id="+FB_Properties["App ID"]+"&auth_type=rerequest&scope="+FB_API["scope"]+"&state="+state+"&response_type=token&redirect_uri="+url_S, '_blank', 'location=no,toolbar=no');

    ios_url.addEventListener('loadstart', function(e)

    { var url = e.url;

    var fburl = url.indexOf("facebook.com/login");

    var err = url.indexOf("error");

    if (err >= 0 && fburl < 0)


    //fbRuntime.trigger(cr.plugins_.Facebook3.prototype.cnds.fail_ios_logged, fbInst);


    var n = url.indexOf("#access_token=");

    if (n >= 1){

    var tokensplit = url.split("#");

    var token_two = tokensplit[1].split("&");

    var accessToken1 = token_two[0].split("=");

    User["User AccessToken"] = accessToken1[1];

    console.log('InAppBrowser: loadstart event has fired with url: ' + User["User AccessToken"]);

    Fetch_User("me",User["User AccessToken"],function(FU_Status)

    {if (FU_Status == "success") {FB_API["Runtime"].trigger(cr.plugins_.Facebook2_1.prototype.cnds.CON_USER_SUCCESS, FB_API["Instance"]);}

    else{FB_API["Runtime"].trigger(cr.plugins_.Facebook2_1.prototype.cnds.CON_USER_FAIL, FB_API["Instance"]);}

    });ios_url.close();FB_API["Runtime"].trigger(cr.plugins_.Facebook2_1.prototype.cnds.CON_USER_LOGIN, FB_API["Instance"]);



  • Ashley Was the above useful?

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  • Hi guys, I have a project I'm doing and I am using phonegap. I would really love to know how to do this. I have a project that needs to be able to tweet and post to facebook using PhoneGap.

    I'm ok with using XDK as well if that turns out to be a better option. I went to check out your store but it says it's down for maintenance. Is that going to be resolved soon?

  • part12studios,

    The problem is the ssl certificate I had recently purchased is vulnerable to the poodle ssl attack. I have been trying to get my hosting provider to fix this but it is taking them forever. You should be able visit the site with old browsers or by http at http:/lockegames.com

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