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  • yea https://lockegames.com/?shopp_product=f ... 2-1-plugin seems broken too. i couldn't get any of those pages to work.

    i'm happy to pay for any plugins like this that could help me achieve what i need, the only thing i'm trying to get a clear understanding of is which platform (XDK, PhoneGap or EJecta) can do all of these things:

    • tweet a score / screenshot to twitter
    • post a screenshot / score to facebook
    • support IAP
    • ads / interstitial ads

    I feel like it's that none of these three options can actually do all of these things.. I hope I'm wrong because I'm going to have to let this client know I can't do the job..

    I'm working with someone over at XDK/Intel as I'm having trouble getting XDK to accept my mobileprovision/p12/cer files.. but yea i'm doing this for a client. It's not a big budget game, but if you can help me get a solution here for this, I'll buy/donate to any plugin / solution you can come up with because while I love Construct 2, the publishing options / path is really broken..

    Phonegap was going to be this new awesome thing. the future of gaming.. etc.. and yet phonegap won't work with twitter or facebook? how is that progress? two steps forward, one step back. from another thread the answer was "the companies should make plugins for phonegap".. meaning twitter and facebook, but is that really going to happen? i imagine not in the near future, when it matters most. The present.

    Ok sorry, i'm done venting.. heh <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • part12studios,

    I received an email from facebook this morning saying that the API has been upgraded once again to a 2.2 so any apps built as of today will not work with any of the plugins out there. Granted it shouldn't take much to fix that. Long story short I'm home today and I'll be fixing the links on my website so it directs to http rather than https. I will also be working on updating my code. So give it a couple of hours and my website should be functional.

  • awesome thanks for the update I can't wait to try it out. Regarding facebook and your plugin, is it meant to work with XDK, PhoneGap or Ejecta? Will I be able to post a screenshot with the "canvas snapshop"?

    I'm eager to hit the ground running with this plugin. Thanks for jumping on the update/fix. I know how it is with FB standards changing and depreciating past efforts.

  • It utilizes a Phonegap function called in-app browser to log a user in. I honestly don't know which version it uses. Here is the info on inapp browser, you should be able to get the info you want from there on compatibility. I've never used Phonegap myself, I had someone proficient in Phonegap walk me through the login. Also I don't believe you can upload anything. Just fetch user data and add a like button to your app for the moment. I'm working on a redsign for the 2.2 API, I'll see if I can add more features to it. I'll just need to find a test user to help me out with Phonegap testing when I get to that portion.

    http://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/3.0.0 ... er.md.html

  • Very cool, I'd love to help test it out if you ever have something you want me to try out.

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  • I'll take a look at logins for various SDKs in PhoneGap in the next beta cycle, but if anyone's figured it out already then sharing code samples would be useful.


    Any more news on official Mobile support for Facebook login?

  • Ashley

    Will a mobile option for Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications ever have an "official" Scirra support? It just seems to me its half-baked in terms of mobile options currently. We have desktop application support, but still no official mobile support from so much discussion over this subject over the past year or more?

    With the huge increase of apps being built with Construct 2 lately, I find this extremely useful and I would be sure many others feel the same way.

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