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  • I have a swedish community here since november 1st.

  • New community of construct2 in Spanish, it is very new but it is a project that we have great expectations.

    Detalle en Espa�ol.

    Estamos creando una nueva comunidad hispano parlante, estar� siempre activa ya que los que la estamos formando somos desarrolladores de juegos, estaremos traduciendo y creando contenido nuevo siempre o casi siempre, esto est� ahora muy nuevo pero es un proyecto que le tenemos grandes expectativas.

  • Hi,

    I come from a French community.

  • Junior tabanez... sou do Brasil... quem for tamb�m me add

  • New reliese 155:

    BUG in the invisible Sprites (Solid desable).

  • Hi!

    I'm interested to create a Brazilian edition :)


  • I cant find any indonesian construct 2 forum..

    but, there a group in facebook for community of scrirra indonesia. We are using bahasa indonesia.

  • Hola a todos

    Estoy trabajando en la comunidad de M�xico proximamente estara disponible en si alguien quiere colaborar con gusto es bienvenido.

    Gerardo H

  • Hey everyone! :)

    There is a new international (german & english) forum for almost every game making engine. They also support Construct 2 with an extra sub-forum. Take a look at it here:

    The forum is founded just on the beginning of this month (January), so it is still small, but there is already a bunch of active users. Maybe I'll see you there! :)


  • buenoric2: Please read your private messages.

  • Does piglatin count? Yay for onstructcay!

  • Hi all,

    We'd like to help encourage non-English Construct-based communities. For example, there's the Russian site We want to add a page to the site listing all the non-English sites like this so people can find a community that speaks their own language. We prefer to keep everything English on these forums to prevent laborious and sometimes confusing use of Google Translate!

    So, if you visit or know of any or run any, let us know here so we can link to them! Note we'd prefer to only link to one site per language to focus all the visitors to one place, so if there are multiple submissions for one language we'll pick whichever we think is biggest.


    List of communities:

    Edit: now listed hereAshley2012-01-19 15:14:21

    Hey guys im a Romanian Guy that is surfing this websites, blog and forums and dident seen a Romanian community yet! Because i love Construct 2 engine so much and because its like my second wife!:D i decided to create a little section in my main website ! and to explain in my language what the powers of Construct 2 are! and to what it can be used for! now i started to translate the tutorials to my language! and hope will translate all soon cause there are not so many of them in Romania just a few i did! so here it is ! for the Romanian people that are out there and dont know the english verry well! and want to understand better Construct 2 ! you can hit this Hope you guys Enjoy it! and find it usefull!

    It is still a work in progress and will try copy the most of Scirra Website there! and translate it as good as i can!:D

    Sorry if i missed spelled some Words here and there! English is my Second language! so please be Mercyfull!:)

  • I am Bangladeshi. My mother language is Bangla but now our countries people try to know English Language.

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  • Community in Brazil???????

  • JuniorTabanez I am creating one. It will be a forum to discuss things about the tool and indie game development.

    For now you can check my Youtube channel with lots of videos showing how to make games using Construct2 in Portuguese »

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