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  • This Ukrainian site of Construct

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  • Another espa�ol here. I saw a spanish blog with some tutorials translated to spanish but i cannot find it now. Nor i can say it's developed further.

    I missed the spanish community page, there's one?

  • Italian Construct2 Forum is now open!!!

    After many requests from italian users in the Construct2 Italian Facebook Fan Page.

  • Italian Construct2 Forum is now open!!!

    After many requests from italian users in the Construct2 Italian Facebook Fan Page.

    Bravi!! <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Coding without even basic English is impossible, so what the point of them? Also the overall knowledge and skills base is notably higher on international boards.

  • I'd be interested in creating a community for Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Is anyone in the process of creating one? Just asking, to be sure. :)

  • Hi I'm from Colombia

    I want to help as much as possible, take out some time now to create a forum in Spanish, is new and I hope I work with tutorials or whatever you want the hope ...

    the forum is this:

    The community blog in Spanish is not understood as post tutorials, or other things so I created a forum easier and more known hope you can add to the community section, thanks

    ------------------------translation by google---------------

    Hola soy de Colombia

    Quiero ayudar lo mas que pueda, ahora saque algo de tiempo para crear un foro en espa?ol, es nuevo y espero me colaboren con tutoriales o lo que quieran los espero...

    El foro es este:

    El blog de la comunidad en espa?ol no se entiende como publicar tutoriales, u otras cosas por eso he creado un foro mas sencillo, y mas conocido espero lo puedan agregar a la seccion de comunidades, gracias

  • Cool done, your team, popular in Russia, as well as on Scirra Construct and Scirra Consturct 2, continue in the same spirit and soon you will reach a huge success :)

  • new Russian c2 community by link:

  • The first Vietnamese C2 community here:

  • is now open!!!

    After many requests from italian users in the Construct2 Italian Facebook Fan Page.


    It's seems to me that it's a little bit abandoned... it's possible to somebody to open a new one or to have rights to write articles?

    Thanks :)

  • Hi there!:)

    I do appreciate you guys placing Russian community first on "worldwide community list" xD

    However, it represents nothing but 2 dead websites:) seems to be dead for a loooooong time, and I don't believe is ever going to happen:P

    <font size="1">Posted: 16 Sep 2012 at 9:20am</font> new Russian c2 community by link:

    Will you please put it on the list?:)

    Thanks a lot!:)

  • Hello,

    I'm currently translating the whole documentation to french.

    It's a long and hard work, but I haven't thought to ask if such a work was already underway at Scirra.

    Thanks :)

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  • Salve a tutti, vedo che sulla rete si trova poco riguardo construct2, quindi ho pensato di aprire un forum:

    Se qualcuno avesse voglia di farci un salto, ve ne sarei grato.

    Si accettano consigli e critiche e se avete intenzione di fare qualche topic, fate pure, io in questi giorni creer� i primi tutorial

  • GAMEGAMEGAME: thank you to stick to english, or at least provide a translation of your post.

    Also there was already a link for an intalian community, wouldn't it be wiser to rather involve yourself in the existing community rather than spreading the resources?

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