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  • Hola a todos!

    Para todos los de habla hispana, ha abierto su foro para poder colaborar todo aquel que lo desee. Acabo de subir alli el manual completo en espa?ol con ayuda de xmoggo!! Si quereis colaborad en lo que sea pasaros por alli!! Un saludo.


    Hi all!

    For all Spanish speaking opened its forum to help anyone who wants it. I just go up there the entire manual in Spanish using xmoggo! If you want anything Collaborate on stopping by there! A greeting.

    Posdata: sorry for my bad english!

  • Sergio! Buen trabajo con el manual en Espa�ol! Si necesitan traducci�n de Ingl�s-Espa�ol, Espa�ol-Ingl�s, pueden contar conmigo. Estoy en M�xico.


  • Italian community don't work

  • gamegamegame io ci sono.

    Peccato che come al solito nei forum italiani siamo solo quattro gatti.

    Bh?, da qualche parte bisogner? pur cominciare.

    Ci si vede anche di la. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I don't know can i link here a YouTube Channel but i find

    Russion video tutorials

  • South Korea to create a community of I


    The formation of community groups using Naver cafe.

  • ^ I joined to your cafe. I can't wait to see your articles!


    And I'll introduce South Korean community for CC and C2. mainly CC but will be changed soon to include both of them. It's because of creation of cafe in 2010.11.11. at that time, C2 wasn't there, If I remember correct.

    Constructors.CAP (????.CAP in korean.)[/url]

    ps. Servieced by Daum corp (, and name of the serviece is Daum Cafe. Not a Standalone site, but There aren't many people using Construct series in korea to build standalone one.

    ps2. I think CC & C2 are almost same in usage and concepts.

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  • I got some questions I want to make a German C2 Magazine. This means a Website with 2-4 Tutorials per week and German News about C2.

    Now I just want to ask which things are legal.

    • Posting German Tutorials and link in to them to my Page ?
    • Translate English Tutorials that are under Creative Commons and post them to the Turorials section and also to my Website
    • Translate the whole Scirra Blog and post it to my Website
    • Translate Forum Threads and transfer them to my Page
    • Use some ads to get enough Money to pay coffee and the domain
    • Translate the whole Manual

    Is this all legal ?

  • Hi

    I'm starting an Irish language gaming culture site; under construction here

    Would love to be the official Gaelic Construct2 community.

    Will be online in a few weeks.

  • -For italian only-

    Ciao ragazzi. Ho creato un sito con forum italiano, avrei bisogno di nuove discussioni per popolare un po' il forum e magari anche aiuto per il sito: manutenzione, articoli, blog ecc. Per chi fosse interessato mi contatti in pm

  • Ashley


    I can speak fluent Swedish as well as English.

    May I create the official Swedish Community?

    I would like to:

    • register
    • create ads to pay for the site (not neccesary, but preferred)
    • translate official Scirra content

    Let me know what can be done :) I would really like to contribute...

  • Hi!!

    I'm a guy that speak spanish and i start a new (very new 6 days ago) blog with info about C2... But i need to see if are much people interesed in learn C2 in spanish... Also if are possible I would like to add in the Spanish communities of

    My blog is Thanks!!

    Hola soy un j�ven que tiene un blog creado hace unos 6 d�as que quiere compartir sus conocimientos acerca de C2 en espa�ol... Si quieres date una vuelta por donde encontrar�s los primeros y m�s b�sicos tutoriales por el momento... Gracias!!

  • Ashley the russian video tutorial blog what i found on youtube


  • Spanish in the list is broken, any other link?

  • oh man...i wish there was an italian community...construct 2 and the forum/site ROCKS! i wish more people knew more about it :)

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