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  • working on this Romanian Versions of the c2 websites scirra .ro construct2 .ro construct3 .ro the last 2 are not hosted nowhere yet, im searching for a bit of time and maybe future partners to help me cover the huge areas!

    just got them last night, so dont espect much ! atleast the main page is live hahaha! but yea, i think i just gave myself 1 week job to clone the entire .com website and then translate it

    the links have spaces before dot and missing www [dot]

    i hope there is no issues if i use those domains ? Ashley & Tom? if they are please let me know, i dont want to go into infringement area, even though i kinda did a bit, by using the websites layout! however i did nothing more then downloading the official website, and translating the texts in it! and changing a few links where can be used, such as (buy already made games, the rest is 100% !

  • Spanish comunnity??? exists?

  • Spanish comunnity??? exists?

    i think there is 1 in Portuguese but not sure check the list

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  • im new toconstruct 2 can i get some help

  • Is there one for S.Korea?

  • > Spanish comunnity??? exists?


    i think there is 1 in Portuguese but not sure check the list


  • add indonesia using domain i recommend for the hosting

  • Fórum brasileiro


  • Construct 2 România Live, you can check it out by clicking the link bellow in signature or by going to

    The entire domain space is dedicated to Romanian Community who wants to join will find lots of interesting things there, and also can help me add more, at the moment is just me doing it, my goal, is to bring more Romanian people to Construct2, seems lately that there is no people doing any Romanian communities in this industry so i think il give it a small push with quality and ease, and i know my co-nationals wold love to see how its made and learn how to build their own games.

    50% of manual is already translated, it will be online soon.

    You can also help by translating tutorials, and upcoming updates.

    You are all welcome.

    Construct 2 România Este deschis pentru public, poți vizita pagina și afla mai multe dând clic pe reclama de mai jos sau mergând la în browser-ul tău.

    Întreg spațiul domeniului este dedicat Comunității Românești, toți cei care sunteți interesați să învețe Construct 2 în Limba Română, sau vreți să ajutați la dezvoltarea proiectului și comunității puteți să vă alăturați pe forum, aducând și contribuind cu ceea ce știți. Momentan proiectul este susținut doar de mine, tot proiectul este și v-a fi mereu online. Viziunea pe care o am este aceea de a aduce Construct 2 în România și a învăța românii ce anume trebuie parcurs pentru a crea un joc. Alătură-te și tu !

    Manualul Official este tradus chiar în timp ce citești acest mesaj. Mă poți ajuta și tu traducând tutoriale și viitoarele upgradeuri.

    Sunteți toți bineveniți ! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    The English message was written just so other non-Romanian people wold know what i typed down, this message is not meant for non-Romanian people, but for Romanian's that may want to join the development of the Romanian community by adding translations or post their questions and get an answers back, in their own language! The project is not meant to steal, or to cloud the official Scirra website, but to help it, by advertising, their latest news and products.

    !!! All content on is used under press release agreement from all parties all other content that doesn't fall under the press or free usage content, will be replaced as soon as possible, If you(owner of a content used) think uses parts of your content that isn't allowed please contact me by mail contact[at]scirra[dot]ro !!!

  • Why there isn't french category on the official scirra forums ? Just one ? Same thing for Germany and Spanish communities. The community is biggest on scirra.

  • gaelsev: The forums are in English because Scirra is an English company and it makes it easier to moderate the forums using only a single language.

    To be fair, the "non-official" French talking community website and forums are doing a very good job on their own.

  • The non-official forums from french community are dead. 1 Thread peer week.

    Really a can't see the problem to have one french section on scirra board.

  • game by using construct 2, I've entered Admob but why yes it does not appear on his ads instructions please?

  • game by using construct 2, I've entered Admob but why yes it does not appear on his ads instructions please?

    Please stop multi-posting and cross-posting the same question.

    Post your question in the 'How Do I' section and wait for a response.

    It is acceptable to 'bump' your own post after 24 hours if their hasn't been a response.

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