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  • About 5 days ago I wrote Nintendo again about the exporter. Dan Adelman has wrote me stating that he has forwarded Scirra's application. He stated that E3 may have derailed the process. But he has ensured me that things were going to go smoothly.

    So I checked Scirra's twitter feed... and yay! They did contact them about the Web Framework.

    So that makes me wonder... Ashley, do you plan on developing an exporter asap? Just wondering since I'm pretty much done with Super Ubie Land and will need to start on the port.

    *shameless plug*

    the final trailer for Super Ubie Land's PC release:


  • If it's true there's no webGL support, I'm a little sad :/

  • What are all the real benefits of WebGL? Would that stop anyone from creating games if all of assets and effects are created as sprites?

  • NotionGames did you guys not remake in Unity in the end then? Will be great to see this be the first HTML5 game to hit the WiiU store :D

  • We were starting on a Unity build but I continued to finish the game in Construct 2. Now that we know how the game will be we are planning to port but I am hoping an exporter can come soon enough. We'll see...

  • NotionGames apart from the shader effects, I struggle to think that performance would be very good. WebGL often doubles the fps of a game compared to software rendering.

    Would the Wii U offer some form of hardware rendering? Surely if they are considering HTML5 games...

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  • NotionGames

    Shaders, and performance are the real meat of WebGl. Also if object rendering get's added. It would be really helpful to have WebGL for the better rendering. However, for the most part I'm pretty sure we can work around not having WebGL. While WiiU will probably not support WebGL, maybe the next iteration will.

    Though I want to thank you for you working with Nintendo and Scirra for working to help open another platform for C2 games. You rock :)

  • They claimed no webgl support when someone asked about it.

    Without webgl, it will use canvas2d, which is still hardware accelerated, even if it's not as fast as webgl. Software rendering only happens on browsers when the graphics card is blacklisted, and I'm pretty sure nintendo's not going to blacklist their own card. :)

    Aside from no shaders the main concern I have is the lack of layout by layout loading, meaning the entire decompressed game has to fit in the available memory - or hope that nintendo's own memory management is up to the task of sorting it all out.

  • To be honest, I can't think of any major size game that can get by on Canvas2D alone. Super Ubie Land is actually probably the only example I can think of, because its art style and gameplay are good and simple, yet attractive.

  • Oh my... NotionGames you rock! Thanks for helping these guys out with the Nintendo stuff!! I have a Wii U collecting dust at the moment - this will open up a whole land of opportunities!!!

    Absolutely epic news!

  • Why wouldn't it be able to support WebGL?

  • Why wouldn't it be able to support WebGL?

    That's because Nintendo isn't a technophile company. They are tried, tested and not into pushing technology. This is pretty clear as they using WebKit. Heck I don't think we even now the power output of there Canvas2D is. Keeping in mind that Ludie uses a custom canvas, as do others use a more performance custom version.

  • Great work guys. WebGL or not, this opens lot of opportunities for serious projects.

    I have seen lot of projects that over use WebGL. It just makes things easier, but it's not something needed to make a good game.

  • We'll add a Wii U exporter as soon as we can. I don't know what Nintendo's process is though, so I can't guess at how long it would take. Once we have the SDK it should make the next beta release, unless Nintendo have issues with us making it publicly available.

    Good canvas2d engines do implement memory management, but the peak memory usage is higher and it's less efficient, since it uses a system where old images that haven't been drawn for a while are released if it runs out of memory. Only CocoonJS/XDK have been problems in the past since they didn't even do that in canvas2d mode.

  • Absolutely epic news!ould be an epic news if web GL was part of it, now it's just a good news.

    Maybe they will change their minds or they will "update" to web GL later.

    I hope...

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