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  • > Absolutely epic news!ould be an epic news if web GL was part of it, now it's just a good news.

    Maybe they will change their minds or they will "update" to web GL later.

    I hope...

    Well to be fair. If developers seriously used the Nintendo WebFrameWork to make games. Then started requesting WebGL as a requirement for more complicated projects. They just might, but right now I suspect they feel it's more for toy quick, less serious and deep games.

    This is just me being pessimistic and wanting to be wrong so that I can be pleasantly surprised if it happens :D

  • Looks great NotionGames and I look forward to buying the PC version! Seems like the first really polished, pro PC game I have seen done with C2. Gives us all hope that it can be done :)

    A few questions if I may. What resolution do you use for the PC it 1080HD? You have some very large character sprites there , is this causing any slowdown? Do you tend to import these large sprites at the exact size you need them for the game, or scale them down in C2?


  • Ashley great to know :)

    jayderyu I'm glad Nintendo contacted them. Great news for us all

    zendorf Thank you :) I created the game at 1280 x 720. There isn't really any slow down at all. It pretty much runs at 60 frames all the time except for when I am recording gameplay then it drops drastically... sometimes making it hard to actually play the game because of collision problems.

    Most of the sprites are exported at the size that I need them before bringing them into C2.

    I plan to do a post mortem video where I talk about the challenges and things that I have learned. And will also create a video showing how i make the sprites and things like that.

    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

  • wow thats great news

  • I think I will be in trouble if it doesn't support WebGL. There are parts of my game that really need the horsepower to get by. Plus I'm using shaders for certain parts to give atmosphere.

  • Only CocoonJS/XDK have been problems in the past since they didn't even do that in canvas2d mode.

    Oh, that explains a lot. Thanks for the info.

  • First of all, NotionGames and Ashley , you guys are my heroes! :D I have my game now almost feature complete and I started to talk with Nintendo a couple of weeks ago. I was thinking about to port it for Unity 3D because I don't have any idea about the C2 performance on Wii Um or even if it would be possible.

    Ashley , if C2 will have an exporter, it would be REALLY great and save me a LOT of work.

    Btw, you guys can see the gameplay footage of my game here:

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    and here:

    There is no music yet, but very soon I will start to publish some material and things like that :)

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  • Other thing that there is nothing to do with Nintendo. Could you guys make a Tutorial to teach how to export for Ouya? I also would like to port my game for Ouya :) I don't have the console yet, but as soon as I know how to run C2 on it I'll buy one :D

    Is there any material about how to run C2 on Ouya?

  • NotionGames, sure I have a ton of questions, but I will just ask two. I am guessing that all your sprites and backgrounds originated as vector gfx. Did you use Flash or Anime Studio/Toon Boom to animate them?

    I like the mix of frame rates for the character sprites, a bit the like traditional cel animation where you would animate on ones(every frame) for fast motion and then on 2s,3s, or 4s for other shots. Did you have a rule of thumb for what fps you used for specific things?


  • Well even though Nintendo isn't a technophile company, they've been to support things surprisingly. I know how console browsers have lagged behind majorly, but I do think there's hope that they'll have WebGL support within a year if not at the get-go with Web Framework. (Especially if devs request it)

  • Your game s looking good! Hope for a wiiu exporter

  • arcgen: CocoonJS is/will soon handle the export to Ouya, so as far as exporting from C2 it's very much like explained in the tutorial on how to export to cocoonJS.

    For the export on Ouya itself, you'll have to scout for when Ludei handles it (there will probably be informations about it in Scirra's forums/tutorials/manual as well anyway).

  • Thanks Kyatric! I'll need it very soon :)

  • notiongames & arcgen I'm really amazed that you had so much confidence in C2 that you built this high level of games all in c2!

    i am really curious to see how levels/assets are loaded and handled, because as far as i know there are no specific commands in c2 and all is loaded either at the start, or as required on the fly automatically.

    even though i think these games would work great on pc & mac, i have my doubts about the high fps on ios or android, not to mention wii.

    but let us know how things turn out.

  • What ever happened to this? I seriously picked up C2 after reading about the Nintendo support.

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