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  • Hi,

    Nintendo recently announced that anyone can develop for WU, and there is no approval process anymore ( apparently, source:

    Here's form:

    Would it be poss to have some sort plugin at some point that exports for N Framework?

  • cool, thanks for the heads up

  • I already applied for the web framework but haven't heard anything back. I applied again, let's hope they respond this time!

  • Now this I really like!! Might get some use out of my Wii U yet ;)

  • I just really, really hope they are at least moving towards webGL. Unless they have their own hardware renderer, I'm not sure how they expect decent performance.

  • They say it's webkit based, so I would assume its webgl.

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  • It's not WebGL but performance is good.

    Bear in mind this isn't quite as accessible / indie friendly as it's made out to be. To be able to get a dev kit you need to have people in your team that have released a notable non-mobile game. PC, Xbox and PS3 only.

    The worst thing that isn't mentioned, and I only thought to ask because my experiences with Microsoft, is the requirement of insurance. The coverage is the same that we had with Microsoft and costs around $3k p/y.

    The eShop environment is meant to be as painless for devs as possible, offering a robust array of options with no hidden fees. Pretty much the only thing needed to become licensed is business entity status, which costs less than $200 in the US.

    This seems to be an outright lie based on what Nintendo execs have said to me. I'm going to send a follow-up email and find out more.

  • Hello thehen can you elaborate on the insurance requirements in relation to MS?

  • This was when publishing through Microsoft as an Xbox LIVE game. This was the coverage required:

    Commercial General Liability (Occurrence Form) including product liability, Workers� Compensation (statutory limits), and Employer�s Liability.

    Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions Liability insurance with policy limits of not less than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000 USD) each claim. The insurance will include coverage for infringement of third party proprietary rights (including, for example, copyright, and trademark) to the extent reasonably commercially available.

  • Ashley I have written the people I know at Nintendo to see about looking further into Construct 2. I mentioned that Super Ubi Land is created in this engine and would hope to see that Scirra gets to create an export for the Wii U.

    The process was pretty easy over all to be a Nintendo developer but the biggest and possibly the hardest part is actually having a title released on one of the big 3 consoles. I had created the characters for the Sims 3 Pets (PS3/360), I own Notion Games, LLC, and have released a game on the iOS (Up Up Ubi). So I was accepted pretty quick. Nintendo has given Notion Games the reigns to create as many games as we'd like for their console.

    You do have to pay for a dev kit. So bare that in mind as well. But generally, if you have all of those things, you're set. If you don't, start somewhere. Create an LLC or some sort of company (they're not that expensive to start at all) and start creating. Build a library and keep applying. They're trying to maintain a certain level of quality and just opening up the doors to any and all indie devs will flood their market... we already know how that is with the app store.

    My next game, Team Notion the Game, will be put into production later this year and I will be looking for an artist or two to help me out with the game. That should help out a couple people be able to have a title under their belt that will be released on a major console. PM me if you are interested.

  • There may be various obstacles to overcome to publish to Nintendo platforms, but we want to help everyone by doing the work of integrating the engine, supporting Wii controllers, and so on. But so far Nintendo have not responded to any of our requests to get the web framework. Hopefully if those of you with the framework keep asking for Construct 2 support, they'll start listening, so please keep bothering them about it!

  • I applied too (just because), haven't heard from them ever since.

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