Nintendo To Allow HTML5 Games on Wii U and 3DS

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  • I was reading an article over at Gamasutra and found the following quote from Nintendo's Indie Liason, Dan Adelman, very interesting: "GDC we're going to be talking about some new tools we're rolling out for developers to use HTML5 and JavaScript to make games."

    I feel like this would be a huge opportunity for the Construct 2 community.

    Here's the article Gamasutra Article

  • O_O Well, this is awesome if it's legit.

  • The source seems reputable. I think GDC is this week so we should be seeing how much truth there is in it. I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed.

  • brb getting a Wii U

  • Nintendo has already announced that they were going to start supporting HTML5 and JavaScript-based games on the wii u earlier, so it is true. However I'm not sure that extends to the 3DS � I think it might be wii u only.

  • Interesting to hear what they announce, if anything. If possible we will make a Wii U exporter!

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  • It would be pretty awesome if Nintendo created an HTML5/JS wrapper :P

  • Great article! Even motivational! The interesting part of the tech marriage between Counstruct 2 and Nintendo's e-Shop would be if we as designers/developers have to use the Nintendo's dev kit up to certain extent. Having a 100% exporter to Wii U with all the functionality of that console's controls would be awesome!!!

  • I wonder how hard it would be to implement dual screen controls within Construct. But this could all be very wishful thinking and I'll wait to see what Nintendo has to say at GDC. I just know that the potential of this happening with my having no programming knowledge makes "7 Year Old Me" do cartwheels.

  • A member of the Cleveland Game Developer's Group just put up a photo of a Nintendo booth that reads Nintendo Web Framework.

  • Be aware the above article makes it sound like you might still need a WiiU dev kit. But still this is awesome!!!

    Another bit below:

    Anxious to hear what's officially announced. :)

  • I'm 100% you will need to be properly licensed with Nintendo to produce WiiU games. This includes the Devkit that comes with it.

    I wonder if Super UBI land might have been what kickstarted(snicker) the idea for Nintendo to work on HTML5 game developement options.

  • Keep in mind it looks like they still require you to have game development experience - as in, previously released games. Ubi land had that, but not many other devs here can really say the same :/

  • I'm sure you'll still need the dev kit, but I think they're getting much more lenient on their requirements. They've already broken on their "must have an office" bullet point. Maybe they're moving in a more indie friendly direction. Again, all wishful thinking until GDC.

  • If this is a reality then i can keep my game Dev strictly In Construct 2! Heres To Hoping!

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