Nintendo To Allow HTML5 Games on Wii U and 3DS

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  • thehen, thank you for the confirmation on Web GL and the rest of the news...

  • Hey, I'm here at gdc. No webgl unfortunately. Performance does however look to be very good. Over 800 onscreen sprites running at 60fps. Also tested a physics demo which was running at 60fps and looked to be very complex. It's running on webkit.

    Well, at least the performance seems quite good. I'm still concerned about memory usage, though?

    Google have also hinted at native html app support on Android and Ludei have a great demo showing webgl running - estimated six weeks until we get our hands on it.

    That part about native html android apps sounds quite intriguing. Any more info that can be acquired or is it something that they're not ready to officially announce yet?

    Thanks for bringing us the info!

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  • Generally canvas2D browsers do OK with memory management still. They're smart enough to implement least-recently-used or some other simple management. The main problem so far has been with CocoonJS which doesn't implement any kind of management at all - but this should be fixed with their coming WebGL support.

    Also, in case I wasn't clear enough earlier in the thread: if at all possible, we will definitely support a Nintendo/Wii U exporter.

  • That's great to hear, ASHLEY. I'd love to see Microsoft and Sony follow suit with the next generation of consoles.

  • :/ I'm bummed out about the lack of webGL effects. Oh, well.

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