New CocoonJS plugin from Ludei! Open source!

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  • Ludei updated the plugin. I'm testing it now.

  • Appears to still not work, debugging now.

    I get the exact same error.

    04-25 06:36:00.361: E/IDTKLog(10943): IDTK_LOG_ERROR: [JS] Invoked in void com::ideateca::service::js::utils::JSUtilities::PrintException line 94: JavaScript Exception ( Tag: 'timer'): TypeError: Cannot call method 'isLoggedIn' of undefined

    04-25 06:36:00.361: E/IDTKLog(10943): at Acts.socialServiceRequestLogin (c2runtime.js:23410:34)

    04-25 06:36:00.361: E/IDTKLog(10943): at Action.run_object (c2runtime.js:16279:10)

    04-25 06:36:00.361: E/IDTKLog(10943): at EventBlock.run_actions_and_subevents (c2runtime.js:15758:38)

    04-25 06:36:00.361: E/IDTKLog(10943): at (c2runtime.js:15731:9)

    04-25 06:36:00.361: E/IDTKLog(10943): at Runtime.executeSingleTrigger (c2runtime.js:12958:10)

    04-25 06:36:00.361: E/IDTKLog(10943): at Runtime.triggerOnSheetForTypeName (c2runtime.js:12905:16)

    04-25 06:36:00.361: E/IDTKLog(10943): at Runtime.triggerOnSheet (c2runtime.js:12853:13)

    04-25 06:36:00.361: E/IDTKLog(10943): at Runtime.trigger (c2runtime.js:12842:12)

    04-25 06:36:00.361: E/IDTKLog(10943): at Layout.startRunning (c2runtime.js:14021:16)

    04-25 06:36:00.361: E/IDTKLog(10943): at Runtime.go_textures_done (c2runtime.js:11295:29)

    My code where it hangs. It doesn't get to my Title screen (first layout). It just sticks on the Ludei splash screen. However, the game isn't completely frozen as ads still load and display LOL.

    I'm trying some suggestions. I'm curious if it working for others.

  • Ludei just confirmed that it was tested on r163. I'm doing some testing now to see if my problems go away using r163.

    If that's the case, Ashley, what could have changed from 163 until now that effects this?

  • Nothing, it looks like a straightforward coding mistake on their part. Maybe they call a function without checking it exists first.

  • Thanks Ashley, that's what I figured. I'll keep messing around with it.

  • Man, i can't believe how incompetent they are...

  • Man, i can't believe how incompetent they are...

    because they fix the problem for r136...

    now we need to wait for the new version...

  • Well to be fair, they were working on the latest stable release (r163). That makes sense, as the next stable release only came out yesterday.

    Can't blame them for that.

  • Man, i can't believe how incompetent they are...

    They are a tiny team and C2 is just one little part of their customer base. You have to remember there are like 100000000000000000000000 HTML5 frameworks out there they have to be compatible with.

    They seemed over worked and tired when I met them, I know its no fun waiting around, but they are doing the best they can.

  • it's not that i don't value their work...

    but you simpliy can't say it is done and set it live and then realized that it dont work... they put plugin live some week ago and attached capx... and they both simply dont work!!!???

  • Well I know it's not my Capx, I compiled the demo capx and get the same error when I click on the "Click to log in" button on the social tab.

    Would be great if anyone else can confirm or not that clicking on the Click to Log in button actually prompts a login to google play games, on an actual mobile device of course.

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  • IF the plugin is opensource, then maybe we can see where the issue is in their code...

  • Is this the official repo?

    Going to look into it tonight, if i figure it out i'll let you know <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

  • Yes, that's the one.

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