New CocoonJS plugin from Ludei! Open source!

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  • when tested IAPs did you check to see if restoring purchases works now?

  • In fact the IAPs worked fine for me in older versions, but the problem was restoring purchases, i hope they fixed it!

  • when tested IAPs did you check to see if restoring purchases works now?

    Nope it didn't work. Real shame because I would have implemented by IAP as a one-time unlock option with restore for other devices or subsequent installs. Currently all my IAP have to be one-time use items instead.

  • quick question. Where on the ludei site can I check the version number of the cocoonjs compiler? they keep mentioning that there are some updates coming and I'm not sure how to see if they have been applied.

    Cheers and sorry if this is answered elsewhere.

  • wiredcleric when you're looking at your project in the Cocoonjs cloud dev portal look under the "Compile Project" page, you can select the compiler version on that screen

  • ludei ludeisupport or anyone

    is there a method to use cocoonjs's Scale to fill option?

    Thank You.

  • sgtwombatstudios

    Can you tell me how to get rid of this error as you have experienced through this.

    ====================================== CAMPAIGN FILTER RESULTS .


    No adgroups for level 0.

    No adgroups for level 1.

    No adgroups for level 2.

    No adgroups for level 3.

    No adgroups for level 4.

    No adgroups for level 5.

    No adgroups for level 6.

    No adgroups for level 7.

    No adgroups for level 8.

    No adgroups for level 9.

    No adgroups for level 10.

    Removed due to inactivity: AdMob key: a3e80c48074b11e49fd8123138070049

    No adgroups for level 11 passed filters.

    No adgroups for level 12.

    No adgroups for level 13.

    No adgroups for level 14.

    Filtered adgroups are: MoPub Demo Line Item key: e3c6615a94a84ae1a66d01359f981a2a

    Removed due to format mismatch, expected full: Demo Native Creative, Demo HTML Creative

    Mpx creatives: [], filtered creatives: []

    No creatives for this level passed filters.

    Auction returning None

  • same error here also i cannot ad another banner from another app .. it only shows one

  • In your case at least its showing one. Which version of cocoonjs you used to compile?

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  • igalencar I only used Action event Show Fullscreen Ad on click of a button. This should work?

  • im using the stock of the latest beta release of Construct.

    And i still dont know if is right how to do it on MoPub, since MoPub changed everything, from the tutorials here on the foruns.

  • Ludei released 2.0.2.

    Changelog can be found here

    Looks like they fixed several ads issues.

  • I'm going to test it out today to see if ad issues are any better.

    Looks like we've got a new feature to add to the open source plugin:

    "Base extensions

    Added a "share" call in CocoonJS_App.js to call the native sharing system in iOS and Android. An easy way to share via social networks, text message or email."

  • Ludei released 2.0.2.

    Changelog can be found here

    Looks like they fixed several ads issues.

    I already updated Star Nomad with v2.0.2. So far it seems stable on my own devices, but I am looking forward to seeing whether the Samsung crash bug is resolved.

    If you guys have S3 or Tablets or Note 2, give this game a try see if it runs! ... .starnomad (new version should be online in an hour or so) .

    Also since a lot of CJS users read this thread, I thought I post this here, a tutorial regarding removing the unwanted nasty permissions that is default with CJS APKs: ... mpiled-apk

  • so far so good for me too. Ads seem better, it will be interesitng to see how it affects impressions and revenue over next few weeks

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