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  • russpuppy Are you using the latest version of the construct (V171) with the new plugin cocoonjs?

  • Hi everybody. I just fixed the Fullscreen preloading and Showfullscreen bug. You can get the files here:

    Just replace the original files. So far no error except the annoying "jquery.equalheights.js" error in alert window. I dont think this will effect anything if you are using canvas and not webview. I dont know why they put it in though..

    For the webstorage fix with cocoonJS 2.0, you can see my bug report and solution here:


  • tumira Wow, this is amazing, thanks for the solution, worked fine! But, put this on ludei github too, will help many more people!

    Thank's again XD

  • Ludei just updated the compiler to 2.0.1, I've just tested my game on it and so far it runs fine. Also the banner Ad works and auto refreshes itself like in 1.4.7. This is using the default CJS plugin from C2 v1.7.1 (most recent beta).

    I had trouble with compiler 2.0.0 with the default CJS plugin, it would not show banner Ads.

    CJS 1.4.7 has a rare crash issue on a lot of devices. I'll have to play test 2.0.1 more but I did play test 2.0.0 a lot and it never once crashed.

    Edit: After many hours of playing on the tablet today, no crashes yet. Good sign.

  • "Known Bugs

    Ads with admob and mopub aren't handled correctly, and may not appear. If more ad networks are configured in mopub, those will be served.

    In App Purchases: We've experienced some situations where android store didn't retrieve correctly the list of available items in the store.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab devices crash due to SIGILL.

    We are working on all of these bugs in order to solve them and create a new release asap. Sorry for the inconveniences."

    From ludei release notes.

    Not good. So basically Admob+IAP are not working for Android store.

  • I've got no problems with AdMob via MoPub, using 2.0.1, banners display perfectly so far.

    Noticed a good thing, when user presses power/sleep during game, it will pause, then resume when they wake it up again. Prior to this, in 1.4.7 it would start a new game.

    I'll test IAPs tomorrow.

    Edit: No problems = see ads from AdMob, served via MoPub. Also see MoPub Marketplace Ads too when I enable that.

  • Silverforce, do you see ads from AdMob, or just the demo banner?

  • Tested IAPs, work fine, default CJS from C2 version R171 beta, compiled with CJS ver 2.0.1. Both AdMob banner and Store IAPs work.

    Seems like this latest CJS version is more stable too. No crashes entire day of testing. Old version would have a random crash every 1 to 2 hours.

  • did you manage to get interstitial ads to show? For me it shows only the first time and not even a single time afterthat. I use preload fullscreen ad every 15 sec + "on fullscreen ready"->show fullscreen ad. I tested in C2 168 and 171 with official cocoonjs (used without on "fullscreen ready" , since it does not exist)and the new plugin . Compiler 2.0.1

  • Cipriux I dont use full screen ads in any of my games so cannot say. But I read from others in this thread they got it to work fine.

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  • Oh, don't use 2.0.1, I didn't read the release notes all the way down.. they have a bug on a lot of Samsung devices, crash on loading the CJS library. Not cool to release a new version with such a crippling bug.

  • There are some news about the plugin? I'm more interested in the google play service auto login bug, did someone know if it was fixed or someone know how to fix it? It would be awesome.

  • vitorfgd

    what auto login bug? Can you explain it a bit? Any error ?

  • tumira

    Well, do not know if people noticed, but the plugin for more you specify, will always require login at the beginning of the layout. And this is done automatically, you have no control and there is not way to turn off.

    In one of my games I would like the login was only done by clicking on a particular button, but unfortunately it is not possible with this.

    Perhaps it is a limitation, perhaps a bug, I think it's a bug because it is possible to specify in the event sheet (on construct) when you would be asked to login.

  • Anyone know if theres a list of the expressions available for this plugin?? I was surprised to find there's no manual entry for it or the original plugin..

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