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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • Thanks for help AndreasR

    1. Login Works

    2. Leaderboard Show

    3. Achievements Show

    4. HiScore Submit to leaderboard - Work

    Construct 2 - Start Game Bug / Beta r 169 - CocoonJS plugin Last

  • YOu guys are using 169 beta with Cocoon plugin? it barely works now with latest update for 168, and its probably gona be broken with the next c2 stable. Keep 168 stable until you are sure that everything works to update to next stable, beta is a no go.

    For now i recommend 168, with the latest update from github cocoon plugin, they updated it yesterday so full screen banners work too, and compile with 1.4.7 , 2.0.0 is unstable for now

  • Is the hotfix included in the latest download form the github repo, or do you still need to install it after installing the official download?

  • AndreasR

    ?e, test it in crosswalk and WebApp

    1.But not login

    To you used the CocoonJS plugin for your Google Play Leaderboard and then you've exported to Crosswalk? This will not work. You need to export to CocoonJS.

    And if you've used the new Google Play Plugin from C2. This also doesn't work with Crosswalk at the moment.

    [quote:n26fdclt]Unfortunately despite the fact Google Play Game Services would be perfect for Crosswalk, it doesn't currently work there: Crosswalk apps run locally, so they do not have a web origin, making it impossible to enter an allowed web origin for it in the Google Play Developer Console. We're trying to work out a solution with both Intel and Google. To help draw the problem to Google's attention, please star this bug report (click the star to the left of the title). Until then it seems to work fine on both desktop and mobile browsers from the web.

  • AndreasR

    i test new google play plugin in crosswalk, not work..

  • That plugin is for web only.

  • Has anyone had this problem before...the achievements come up, but it shows the Ludei game iBasket achievements instead of your own game's achievements?

  • I'm guessing you ended up using the Leadboard ID that is given in there example rather than the one for your Leaderboard? Just a guess.

  • The leaderboards themselves are working fine, it loads the leaderboards I set up. It's just the achievements that are wrong. In the plugin, the "Show Achievements" action does not take any parameters, so I'm not sure how it's supposed to know what achievements to load. There is the Google Play Games ClientID variable to fill in for the plugin, but it says "only for iOS with using Google Play Games." Do you enter your 12 digit number in that spot anyways?

  • Github Commit Log.

    May 15, 2014

    Fixed "RefreshFullScreen" typo.

    Fixed error that causes an alert in strict mode

    Added 2 missing methods of the ads service (onBannerReady/onFullScreenReady)

    Updated .capx with ads section

  • ArcadEd I dont see any updated Capx with ads ?

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  • I haven't looked, was just posted what they reported on facebook.

  • ArcadEd so... if I download this zipped version from the git hub it "should" have all the neat changes that I had working on my last version of it right?...(I'm asking because last time I did I had to go and re-do all the changes they had previously posted)

    It still (I'm guessing) will probably give me trouble with he 169 version since it was bundled with the old version with the plugin right? (no pun intended Ashley just pointing out that the update doesn't include the latest version of the plugin)

    • also this brings me to a question... is it going to be included still or should we move off it...? at the moment I'm certain I'm not the only one who's not gonna be able to make that change easily. (at least for my current project)

    Thank you guys again for all the help and guidance in this process.

  • If the preload is with problem, why nobody reported it yet on github? If I had the bug report already had posted there, but I do not use the cocoon launcher.

  • Would love it if the Ludei logo wasn't blinking and there's an actual loading bar instead... so sad panda.

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