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  • I have not updated to the new Cocoon plugin, but I have been compiling with the 2.0 beta. I cannot get the ads to work at all...I have added AdMob, ChartBoost and InMobi, and no ads will show, although the MoPub test ads worked. I should also mention that I am using version 163 of Construct 2.

    Which do you think would be the better option, compile with the previous version of Cocoon, or update to the new Cocoon plugin? Will either option allow the ads to begin showing?

    If I do update, I read that the hotfix should be applied. How do you go about doing I download the "official" files and then separately download the hotfix, or is it possible to download the plugin with the hotfix already applied? Thanks!

  • I'm using 2.0 with the latest plugin and 168 of c2 and banner ads are showing fine.

  • refais23

    yeah, 168

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  • 168 is the next stable, so no reason that I have found not to update to it. If you are going with the new plugin, might as well use the new build of C2 as well.

  • After being away from here about a month.. Ludei finally steps it's game up making the plugin open-source... About damn time..

  • Ok, thanks guys for the help! So are you able to preview on the computer with no errors? Or must use the hotfix?

  • You must either use the hotfix, or preview with IE.

  • Thanks for the quick response, you've been so helpful

  • Is it worth updating to the new plugin now? Or better to wait. Just curious on what you guys feel. O rwill Construct eventually put a stable version of the new cocoon in an update sometime soon.

  • If you need the functionality now, then yes, update. If not, then maybe wait until Ashley gets it added into a C2 release.

  • Awesome work guys. I'm not quite in a place to be able to take advantage of this now but I would like to say thanks to you all for getting this sorted out. Much respect from a non-coder!

  • I updated Construct 2 to 168, got the new Cocoon plugin with the hotfix. It still does not show any ads. Although one thing new is that I used to get a frowning face on the MoPub site when I clicked "Test Ad" for my banner ad. Now it runs the test, but it says this every single time:

    ====================================== CAMPAIGN FILTER RESULTS ======================================

    No adgroups for level 0.

    No adgroups for level 1.

    No adgroups for level 2.

    No adgroups for level 3.

    No adgroups for level 4.

    No adgroups for level 5.

    No adgroups for level 6.

    No adgroups for level 7.

    No adgroups for level 8.

    No adgroups for level 9.

    No adgroups for level 10.

    Removed due to geographic mismatch: InMobi key: xxxxx, MobFox key: xxxxx, Chartboost key: xxxxx, AdMob key: xxxxx

    No adgroups for level 11 passed filters.

    No adgroups for level 12.

    No adgroups for level 13.

    No adgroups for level 14.

    No adgroups for level 15.

    Auction returning None

    This may be leaving the territory of "Cocoon plugin," and I don't want to steer this thread off course, but I thought perhaps it was related. Maybe others who are getting the new update are also running into this (maybe unrelated) problem.

    Does everyone else get this message when running the test? What are the different levels, and why are there no adgroups? Also, I'm not sure why it says geographic mismatch, the ads are set to serve everywhere, within MoPub and also the Networks.

  • I think I jumped the gun on that....after I made my previous post, I noticed the test ads began working. And shortly after, my friend who downloaded my game said it was now showing ads. Thanks to everyone's help on here, I'm at a place I never thought I would app with working ads on Google Play

  • sgtwombatstudios,

    Great job! Good luck with it.

  • Restore purchases doesn't work yet, tested today

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