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  • I personally loathe being on windows, and really want to be able to create games on my linux machine.

    <font size="3">You are dead to me. You understand? Dead.</font>

  • Tried it, didn't really like it that much, but since I want only HTML5, and will never use linux in my entire life (I tried, but It is not for me, at all), Construct 2 is my favorite.

  • SDK for plugins. C2 Check. In fact there are TONS of plugins/behaviours

    Games export to Linux, OSX, Windows, HTML5. C2 Check

    Debugger. C2 Check

    C2 on Linux/OSX. No check

    C2 is not free

    looks good. Tell us how you do :)

    C2 is better polished

    C2 has large community

    C2 has LOTS of user plugins. It's too bad not enough people give credit to use them.

  • Look Twinsonian, I always said I would change from construct2 to another program but I can't, I'm addicted to it, I can't do any game without C2.

  • Unfortunately you need cashflow to build/sustain/expand anything.

    Donationware can never, ever compete. It usually fades away when life events come knocking.

    What works best is pay a minimal amount over many, many months. A subscription model. You just have to look how all top companies are incorporating this - it works.

    The downside, and this is why Construct 2 is a pay it all up front model is that their user base are mostly hobbyists, who treat this as a hobby (wanting to go pro) but as all hobby's they are just that, and take a backseat the moment some crisis comes up (which happens often). Average user I would guess is a couple months. I said average for you veterans :)

    Edit: What I am getting at is when you invest in a tool set, it is nice to have some guarantee that it will be around for awhile, and if you do change, it is because you choose to, and not because you are forced too.

    Profitable businesses, tend to stick around. Cashflow is king, that is business 101.

  • In fact I would not be surprised if Microsoft buys it and converts it to some perverted new game development model.

    I don't see the reason why this would be a nightmare.

    Ashley would be counting his (deserved) millions and we would have an entire development team backing this awesome piece of software.

  • Hi,

    I do not know what is your experience with game development, but I can speak for my experience.

    I'm working on a game, at the beginning I was doing my own engine in C++/OpenGL, was about 10% completed when I found the Construct 2, now my game is about 85% completed.

    Why I chose the Construct 2, and not other tools like my own engine, Game Maker, Unity3D and others?

    1 - The performance is excellent, my prototype is now 85% completed, runs at 60 fps on a notebook with 3 years old without graphic card.

    2 - I could not develop for Mac, simply because I do not have one.

    3 - The Construct 2 is much cheaper than these other options.

    4 - Excellent support Scirra.

    5 - Most importantly, control and freedom.

    You are developing in Javascript, with SDK support, you can do whatever you want, and you can port your code for any platform you want, even if the Construct 2 does not support, with tools such as C++/Qt/QML, Awesomium, Node... among others.

    It's even possible you port your game to platforms like Nvidia Shield/PS Vita/WiiU/PS4/XboxOne... tools for this exist ;D

    I don't like to discuss which tool is best, you should use the tool that best suits your needs, but when I choose a tool I always take into consideration the freedom and my needs.

    My need was for portability between different platforms, so for me the Construct 2 was the best choice, taking into consideration: portability/ development time/money.

    Note: Sorry my English, I'm not fluent :D

  • I've played a little with Game Develop out of curiosity. It looks and feels like an older version of Construct 2 ... Still is a great free software. Also is remarkable that is developed by only one person (Scirra is a team of 2-3 people). I was really curious about the 3D Box object, so as to create 3D Building for example, but it seems that it works only in native games (is not supported in web games).

    Overall is great for a free software, but I prefer Construct 2 because is more advanced.

  • > I personally loathe being on windows, and really want to be able to create games on my linux machine.


    <font size="3">You are dead to me. You understand? Dead.</font>

    That's either the funniest thing I've ever read on here, or... the scariest.

  • Looks pretty much like Construct 2. For free I'd play around with it but I'm already used to C2 as it is. Thanks for the heads up on other game dev software.

  • looks nice i think... and french

    promising, but the event set is messy

    and the flow looks a little off

    i did't install it, but this have a tile editor?

  • looks like a step in a hard direction events definitely are messy and will be making it harder to vebug and/or find relevant pieces later in your code,

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  • I say Meh ...

    Had a look at it , More like CC , even so , I would personally prefer CC ,

    But I would strongly advise you to ...

    Learn a Programming Language & Join the Dark side !

  • I use C2 because I actually really have a shot of finishing my games.

    I don't really get why, but I don't mind it really. I'm a C# developer and there are times where I REALLY miss the multiple interfaces, reactive extensions, object references...

    And not one of those that I've worked on with any other platform has progressed beyond " a few things on screen and lots of data classes". I had one in XNA I finished, but that's dead now... I've used Unity, I have lots of assets, but I never really get in more than those first few days where you have a cool idea and work feverishly on it.

    I don't really know why, but I find C2 fun to use. So I'm coming from the opposite end. I'm a professional developer, that's worked with platforms like Unity... and I'm going a new direction with C2.

    I'm not saying you're wrong, not at all. Every tool has its strengths and there are many things that C2 isn't really good at. But I'm loving C2, and I hope that never changes.   <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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