How do You make money with HTML5?

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    I was wondering to how do You make money with HTML5. I have neve made a game but after a lot of tests i'm starting to make my first game.

    I'm willing to become an Early Adopter and i would like to earn money but unfortunately I haven't seen any companies or websites which are willing to buy HTML5 games (i.e game sponsorships). I was hoping somebody could tell me about a company who would do this or why people don't buy html games?


    mr sponkie

    Well I would suggest not to look after money while making indie games as a hobby.

    It's like making a blog and starting by adding adsense everywhere.

    The 1st reward as an online contributor or indie game maker is having people playing your games and enjoying it. Money comes last.

    if anything I would be aiming at selling the game to consumers, not companies. look for game portals to sell your game, like the chrome store, or your own paypal based site, or ways to support microtransactions in your game. My guess is, unless you figure out how to make the world's most amazing game ever, there's no reason a company would buy a game, as opposed to hire someone to make them.

    i agree with Ketoulou,but mrsponkie let us know if u find a nice and easy way to make money with html5 ^^

    Hello Ketolou and many thanks for your answer.

    To be honest my goal is exactly what You said. I already started a blog months ago just for fun. I added adsense after 4 months when i had 15000 unique users x month. I finally sold my blog in september and i gain good money. So I know very well what are the steps to make money . First i want to make a nice game, and after and only if it Will have a great success i Will start to thinking in make money.

    So for now it's just an hobby, just for fun as You said.

    But the main goal of this topic is to provide Answers to all these people that already have a funny game, already played from several users, and they Are now starting to think to monetize their own game.

    This topic it's not just for me but for all. To talk about the scene of the Market of HTML5 games, how can they earn money, what sponsorship can they do, what are the better affiliations or websites. Like already is the Market of the flash games.


    mr sponkie

    my original guess was wrong it seems, there are portals that also buy games:

    Exactly what i was talking about Lucid.

    I suggest to make a list of company, portals or websites interested to buy HTML5 games or make sponsorships as it happen in flash games.

    Interesting read, I've seen some construct2 games on Kongregate so thats another possible path to try earn a few dollars off smaller games.

    I think it's still a bit too early for licensing html5 games, maybe another year when the browsers are a bit more even and capable.

    Another example, but for flash games, is :

    i'd like to find some portals like it but for html5 games. So everyone could earn moneys from his own game.

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    As long as you have your eyes set on money, you cannot see what is really important for a video game.

    Put the game first, money second.

    the main goal of this topic is to provide Answers to all these people that already have a funny game, already played from several users, and they Are now starting to think to monetize their own game.

    And what about people who are planning or making a game? They see this topic title and immediately begin reading, hoping to make easy buck. My tip is here for everyone to see.

    Facebook credits and Chrome Web Store payments should allow for monetization - we need to better support them though. Both can also do in-app payments which is a new and interesting area.

    There are lots of ways to monetize Flash games at the moment - I'd expect to see these gradually shifting towards HTML5 in future as Flash seems to be on the way out.

    i've made a quickly research.

    It seems that if you write an email to they could find you some advertisers if your game is quite nice.

    Also it seems that kongregate already host some construct2 games.

    Finally, i found spil games and it seems they are very focused with mobile html5 games. They already made contests with high revenue for the winners, here is the website : spilgames and here is the contest ->

    also other ways to monetize :

    Facebook - Google Chrome Store (even if i still haven't understand how technically monetize a game through facebook or chrome).

    Android Market - iPhone Store (via phonegap)

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