Mac nodewebkit broken due to massive input delay

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  • This has been pointed out here in the "closed bugs" section since it's a nodewebkit issue: mega-input-delay-bug-on-mac-os-node-webkit_t109328

    Thought it might be useful to post it in the open as well, so that people are aware of this bug. Currently this leaves only the Windows nodewebkit exporter as functional at the moment.

    Personally, with my game there's a 1 minute delay on the mouse movement/clicking. Which makes my game unplayable.

    Here's a simple .capx that shows the issue if you want to compile it for your mac to see the input bug delay in action:

  • Thanks for the post. I wasn't aware of it, and I'm very glad to know.

    So, Linux export is broken, Mac export is broken... It really sucks : /

  • We really need some way to put pressure on the NW people, or even get someone working on our own fixes (it's open source, right?) because this is ridiculous.

  • Well its been said plenty of times before. I know Ashley just says well publish it to the web and charge people to play instead but thats not really an answer.

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  • A web build is not an option - it lacks authenticity and most of all it disallows distribution like Steam. Plus, there are a bunch of Chrome bugs involving music loading that flat-out prevents a Chrome build for me.

  • sqiddster

    "it lacks authenticity and most of all it disallows distribution like Steam. " I agree,

    Chrome bugs that dont manifest themselves in Node too ?

  • It may or may not be relevant.

    I made a bit of a research.

    For those that experience this delay on Mac, what Keyboard/Mice have you used?

    • Conti
  • Heads open: This is still an issue in the latest Construct 2 build 176, which updated node-webkit to v0.10.1.

  • hmmmm...

  • Ugh. Do the NW developers know about the issue? Do they have a simple test case?

    I think a problem we face when dealing with them is that it's probably hard for them to find a bug amidst all of C2's boilerplate - some sort of clean repro would probably be more helpful? I don't have the skills to do that however. Anyone here have those abilities?

  • Nice...

    Mac is out, Linux is unknown (did someone ever used it?) Windows versions below Vista (or was it 7?) is problematic, Mobiles are... funny.

    yeaah that sounds really nice indeed.

  • I wonder if it would be possible to do a multiplatform executable-like exporter based on firefox, they seem less ankward with their decisions (I think someone tried it on another forum already).

    As for html5, it is not a bad awnser (after all, it is the real C2 export and it works really well compared to all those wrappers, but as it has been said, people need better ease of distributions, since html5 is not considered as a valid multiplatform all by itself by a lot of people, it is but there are no viable market yet for them)

  • Im not sure if this helps you guys any further, but the thing i do in this kind of situation, is, i search the internet for similar problems.

    I found something that is really close to the problem you describe:!topic/chrome/bnKrPwwGm-0

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  • Aphrodite

    html5 is good but it's not the perfect answer... You still have huge list of blacklisted devices so no webgl... and old operating systems.

    And to be honest I can't see how big games (there are few already) would work in browser - from players view.

    Something must be done really quickly. Because at this point it's not funny and hearing "You need to wait few months for others to catch up" is not working anymore.

    Imagine what people would think if they just bought the license and wanted to export to mac or linux - scirra home page clearly says that you can do that.

    Same goes for other wrapper, not node-webkit only. If suddenly XDK, cJS or others change their mind and cancel their projects or start demanding some money for their services? I don't think "For some more money you can export to XXX using ZZZ wrapper" will ever work.

    When node-webkit was introduced at first it was like a god send for most of C2 users. Ability to export to desktop. Two years later it is still not good. No more support for old windows versions, no proper fullscreen, very little customization and very slow updates. And now Mac and Linux are completely broken.

    If they started to work on their own native exporter two years ago we would already have a proper way to export desktop games. Now is getting a bit late...

    Same goes for bugs, issues and stuff not working properly. There are still many bugs and that are present from a long time and nobody seems to care about them, or simply ignoring them. And all those small things that was implemented but never actually finished or improved.

    "it's on to do list, but C2 is developed by only one person" do not apply anymore. Scirra is no longer a bedroom company.

    I devoted 5 of my years to CC and C2 and considered myself as a loyal "costumer". Defending it whenever I knew is right. But now... To me its Construct Classic, all over again.

    Some fanboys are gonna cry at me now, but whatever. Sometimes I feel like someone is actually paying these fanboy to post comments about how wonderful C2 is and how amazing new features are. Truth is, that features should be added long time ago and should work like we expect them to work. Quick example I found out today. Shadow caster can work properly only with one light source in entire layout. it's not possible to use more than one and expect it to work properly.

    C2 is not only "ohh" and "ahh". C2 deserve some constructive criticism, which I just give.

    Ashley really need to think about current situation and make some decisions in which way he want's C2 to go. And this decision will be crucial for a lot of users here.

    and btw. I do not care what some people may think about me after reading this post. Have fun with that.

  • shinkan I've been already contacting some users in regards to NW, to see what their opinion is and weather they would be willing to help doing something about it. Next month I could even pay some money towards hiring a programmer to do a proper wrapper, or fix NW. But that's one of the possibilities. I will start a topic soon on this subject, so we can collect all known to us NW issues, and discuss what could be done.

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