LeadBolt supports Construct 2 [Android / iOS]

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  • tl;dr

    unfortunetly you can integrate only "plain" LeadBolt banner. But at least here it is: LeadBolt plugin for Construct 2

    quote from LeadBolt newsletter:

    This New Year we are starting with some big LeadBolt news! In response to the great feedback received from developers, we have updated our range of compatibility libraries including additional support for some new frameworks. This allows you, the app developer, more options than ever before to access the advanced features (including re-engagement functionality and improved ad serving speed) in our latest ad serving SDKs.

    Android / iOS:

    Intel XDK NEW

    Xamarin NEW

    Construct2 NEW

    Further info:


    If you are using the Construct2 framework (https://www.scirra.com/construct2) for your Android or iOS app, simply download the following plugin to enable you to load LeadBolt SDK Ad types in your App. Click here to download the zip file

    Simply follow the instructions in the Readme file that is included within the zip file to get started.


  • READ ME - LeadBolt Android/iOS Construct 2 library

    Version 1.0      date: 2013-11-25



    This zip package provides a plugin (Leadbolt banner) and a behavior (Leadbolt overlay) component to allow Construct 2 users on Android/iOS to include the LeadBolt SDK within their Applications. The banner plugin provides a HTML based App Banner and the overlay behavior adds a clickable behavior for HTML based App Overlay into existing objects.



    1. You must have a LeadBolt app publisher account (http://www.leadbolt.com)

    2. You must have accessed your leadbolt account to register your android app and have created ads, retrieved the relevant section ids.

    3. From the help/faq section of the leadbolt portal, you must have downloaded the latest (version 6.1 and above) LeadBolt Android/iOS publisher SDK.

    Integration - App Banner (HTML)


    1. Unzip and copy the LeadBolt plugin (leadboltbanner) and behavior (leadboltoverlay) folder into your Construct 2's system folder (refer to the scirra.com/manual/15/sdk).

    2. Reopen the Construct 2 IDE, add the Leadbolt banner plugin into your layout and set its section id obtained from your App Banner (HTML) section.

    3. Add the Leadbolt overlay behavoir into your objects and set its section id obtained from your App Overlay (HTML) section.

    Integration - SDK


    To Integrate LeadBolt SDK Ad Types into your Construct 2 App, do the following:

    1. Export the project for your target mobile platform (Phonegap) and follow the Phonegap's instruction to build your app.

    2. If you want to use Leadbolt's App Ad, App Audio and Re-Engagement, refer to Leadbolt's PhoneGap readme file.

    Going Live


    Once your app is working you can now go-live with real ads.

    1. Access the LeadBolt publisher portal and for your app click the go-live button if present.

    2. Your app will be submited for approval and once approved will receive live ads.

  • Nice, I hope it would work on all HTML5 browsers like mobile and desktops, but CocoonJS, not sure.

  • Joannesalfa

    + 1st support from serious ad company

    + no need to use MoPub

    + no need to use CocoonJS

    + propably work on Crosswalk IntelRobert

    • only banner
  • MoPub is only choice for CocoonJS to get good performance on some devices.

    What are the others than one banner?

  • What are the others than one banner?

    entry ad, exit ad, audio ad, floating ad, appwall...

  • hmm i try it, but i can not do it.. I do not see ads in my game :/

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  • Raiper341 Have you tried it on mobile and in test mode? It won't serve ads on desktop.

  • Yes, i did, but live ads not test mode...

  • Raiper341 I'm just poking in the dark here, because I don't have *that* much experience with Leadbolt, but:

    • If you have a "mobile HTML" app set up (that's what you would normally use without the plugin and display it in an iframe, for example), its ID numbers don't seem to work in the new Leadbolt C2 addon.. I guess you have to explicitly create a android/ios app in the leadbolt dashboard.
    • If you go live with an android ad, Leadbolt must first approve of the app, it's not instant. Testing with "live" ads is unadviseable, because it violates the contract - if they find out, they might kick you at some point, so I'd be extra careful with that.
  • I really do not undertsand... i give plugin and bevahior to construct 2 folders (plugins and behavior) then i run their demo and i edit ID, i replace empty field with my android app ad ID, but i do not see ads on android...

  • Your app has to be submitted and approved by leadbolt before any ads will be served to it as per the documentation.

  • Hey, I use leadbolt plugin in my android game, but when ads apear, game stops working, timer also stop. When in game I touch button to go to other layout, "click" sound work, but nothing happens. Without ads game working well. Any advice? Thanks..

  • On a side note, the documentation with the plugin talks about using phonegap... nobody uses phonegap. So if you are working with the Leadbolt folks, tell your account rep that they need to update this to work with CocoonJS, Crosswalk, etc... the more people that ask, the more chance it will get done. Leadbolt are missing out on a large number of potential games by not supporting CocoonJS, etc... in the plugin.

  • Have anyone got LeadBolt Ads to work with Crosswalk??

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