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  • szymek Can Leadbolt be used with Mobile Web? Is there a way to test if the ad is working, without having to get approval? There is no 'test ad' that I can see on desktop, mobile, or android. On desktop, I can tell the ad is there, but just invisible, since the mouse changes to a 'click' pointer.

    I am trying to find ad support for Mobile Web (ie play html5 on mobile) and Android Crosswalk. I was hoping to use Leadbolt, but just like everything else, it doesn't seem to work. Disappointed. :/

    Any help / pointers?

  • am trying to find ad support for Mobile Web (ie play html5 on mobile)

    For mobile HTML you can always fall back to the standard iframe-Method with Leadbolt.

  • Zharzew

    I stick to AdMob because banner is just banner and AdMob have the highest fillrate

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  • What is the best method for ads via Crosswalk exporting? I couldnt get Leadbolt to display via Pode's iFrame at all nothing would display...I tried their Construct 2 plugin as well and still nothing even with my ads in test mode according to my LT agent, we also tried them on a Live setting....still nothing displaying even in the Intel XDK emulator...Not sure what to do for ads...

  • carsenk

    Same, ATM cannot get Ads to work on Crosswalk compiled APKs. I guess we have to wait for them to add official AdMob support, apparently its coming soon. In the meantime, I'm just going with paid App and when they are ready, i will launch a free version with Ads.

  • you should also realize that you will need to do two separate versions of your game at that point. You can't just convert a paid game over to free in the same app listing. Or you will hose the people who already bought the app. You have to add it as a separate app when you want to add the free version. Just an FYI

  • is there a newer version as 1.0 available?

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